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Chapter 199: Hide and seek

His thoughts seem had drawn him into the past and some fragment of his dreams flashed inside his mind.


In his dream, he saw a little boy with the same age as him.

His soft hair, eyebrows and handsome face also look the same with him.

But even though they look the same, he looks a bit indifferent.

Because in his dream, that little boy always stood far, far away from him.

And after that little boy indifferently and coldly looks at him, he will just quietly walk away.

That dream feels so real and as if he was within his reach.

So, he always desperately chases after him.

But, even though he tried to walk fast or ran.

He cannot catch up to him. 

He just getting farther and farther away.

And his fear of losing him, he will wake up from that dream.

After he woke up, he’ll realized that he was full of cold sweat.

As if he really chase after him in real life that’s why he’s feeling exhausted.

In his dream, there were also times that the little boy was lying on his bed.

But, his soul seems where inside his body, so he couldn’t move around.

In that dream, he can see a woman sitting on his bedside.

But, he can’t clearly saw her face, he can only vaguely distinguished her gentle eyes.

That woman will stoke his face, but once she does, his eyes will immediately become watery.

That dream was very long and hurtful.

So, when he woke up.

He felt his head and body was very heavy.

And then, he will become dizzy.

Then, their family doctor will check up his condition, but he’ll just say that he has a high fever.


After Little Yichen recovered his mind, his eyes got fixed to Yun Tianyou’s face.

Then, he realized that he is actually that little boy in his dreams.

And there is no mistake.


“It’s you! … …”

Little Yichen cry out loud in his surprised.

But soon enough, his voice got buried by the music of the party.

However, it seems there were telepathy between them.

Because Yun Tianyou suddenly look his way.

At that moment, Yun Tianyou got surprise to see him looking his way.

So, he immediately climb up the stairs and went back to their room.

Yun Tianyou got stunned when he saw the little bastard ran: What is he planning to do Is he going to look for me

“Chief Yun, the little young master seems coming here.”

Yun Tianyou hide himself behind Lin Hanli so he couldn’t see what Little Yichen is currently doing.

But because Li Hanlin is tall, he could easily see Little Yichen’s figure running around the second floor to find Yun Tianyou.

“Let’s go, don’t mind him..”

Youyou said, then turned around to leave.

Li Hanlin also followed behind him.

Seeing them leaving, Little Yichen gasp for breath and said: “Stop… … stop running … …”

What is this He’s not a ghost But, why is he avoiding me 

In his dissatisfaction, Little Yichen stomped his feet.

But then, he continued chasing after him.


Youyou has an amazing physical strength.

However, when he look back, he saw Little Yichen will soon catch up to them.

So, his face change in color: “That little shorty legs can run fast”

Li Hanlin who was holding Youyou’s little hand, helpless asked: “Why do we need to run anyway”

“I don’t want to see him!” Yun Tianyou said and added: “I won’t recognized that stupid brother of mine!”

Li Hanlin smiled and said: “Oh Chief Yun, I didn’t know that when you’re acting childish, you would be so cute!”

“Say more and I won’t pay your salary.”

Li Hanlin had a cold sweat, then he didn’t say another word.

Yun Tianyou didn’t sleep well last night, so he got breathless soon.

He suddenly said: “Rep.

Li, carry me.”

When Li Hanlin heard him, he bent over and put him over his shoulders.

Yun Tianyou naturally sat on his shoulder, but then, he grabbed his two ears and solemnly ordered: “Run quickly, make sure to get rid of him!”

Fortunately, Li Hanlin is tall.

His one step is equal to Little Yichen’s three steps.

So, in just a few seconds.

He went too far.

Little Yichen’s face got frozen stiff and stop running.

Then, he breathlessly hold his waist and anrily stomp: “What a waste!” 

In the end, who is that little boy

Is he his brother


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