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Chapter 2606: Do Not Hurt Yourself

Yun Shishi said, “Theres no need to stay in love with this kind of man.

Hes so philanderous; even if the both of you get married and stay together, youll suffer much in the days to come.

You should be glad that you found out his true colors early on and broke off with him, and you should be even more glad that youre not delayed by him for too long!”

Her bestie pursed her lips and nodded her head.

“Xiao Xue, youre so exceptional, you deserve a better man.”

“Its not that I cant let go of the relationship, nor is there any lingering love for him.

Its just that Ive taken it seriously.

Being played hard, I cant swallow that!”

She clenched her fists as she spoke.

She badly wanted to take revenge on the man so that he would know that womens feelings were not for fooling around.

Xiao Xue was a headstrong woman, who knew what she wanted.

As such, she was not the type to stay in a dragging love affair, but her character had always been defiant; therefore, the idea of revenge was born.

The actress seemed to see through her thoughts and pressed on.

“Dont tell me that youre thinking of taking revenge against him”

Surprised, the other woman jerked her head up and looked at her in amazement.

“You… How did you know thats whats on my mind”

“Youve always been defiant and headstrong.

Youre definitely the type to seek revenge, especially after being toyed with.”

“Thats right!”

Her friend did not deny it.

She turned her head sideways and asked curiously, “Tell me: How do you intend to retaliate”


Yun Shishi hooked her lips and said with a smile, “Do you want me to put it in bluntly Theres no greater revenge for that man except to make him fall in love with you and then ditch him ruthlessly.

This is how he can have a taste of what its like to have their feelings played with.

However, from what I know of him, he wont fall in love with you at all, so this plan wont work for sure.

Whats next, then Are you perhaps thinking of using another method, which youve learned from some TV series, where the heroine, after being abandoned by the male lead, goes off to bars and nightclubs to hang out with other men Is that how you want Gao Nan to see your shallow charms Doing so may produce results; its possible that hell find it interesting, and it may even be possible to make him feel the pain of your breakup, but to engage in such a self-harming method just for revenge, in my opinion, is quite ridiculous.

If you really want revenge, what you can do is put him and your past behind and live in style.

Theres no need to prove anything.

Instead, say goodbye to your unpleasant past romance and get back on your two feet properly.”

Her bestie was dumbfounded as she listened.

The actress had, surprisingly, gauged her mind clearly.

“Shishi”—her friend admitted it ashamedly—”Im the one whos being too childish.”

“Its natural for you to have such thoughts; after all, youve been hit.

However, dont be impulsive and hurt yourself, understand”

The other woman nodded her head solemnly.

“Alright, lets stop talking about these unhappy things!”

“Eh! Lets stop talking about this unhappy affair! Anyway, weve broken up, and this relationship was in the past! Still, Im worried…”

“What are you worried about”

“I heard some gossip among the crew, so Im worried that this matter will trouble you.”

“No worries; Ill settle it!” replied the actress firmly before smiling.

“Since youre here, lets have dinner together.” Thereafter, she turned to her assistant and invited her.

“Come along with us.

Tonight is my treat.”

The young assistant responded with much enthusiasm.

“Yay! Today is my lucky day; I can dine out for free tonight!”

“Its not as if you rarely get to enjoy dinner treats, you know!”

“He he!” The young woman could only laugh.


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