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Ji Yan looked terrible as she stared at the missy in disbelief, whereas the latter continued offhandedly, “I broke up with him last night after learning that hes a playboy, though, so you can be an official item with him now; after all, theres a saying which goes like:A b*tch befits a dog for eternity!”

“What the f*ck!” The actresss assistant uttered an expletive.

“Who are you and where did you come from!”

“Its up to you whether to believe me or not.

Anyway, Gao Nan and I have officially ended.

From now on, he and I have nothing to do with each other, but I wont allow you to humiliate Shishi in this way! Did you say that she seduced that guy How dare you! Is that Casanova deserving of her Shishi is so outstanding; why did she need to lower her self-worth for that cheap man Dream on! I think its him who pestered her.

Ji Yan, youd better take good care of your man; dont let him lay his seeds indiscreetly!”

The missy was clearly insulting the actress with these words.

Telling her to watch over her man

She was inferring Gao Nan as a dog, was she not

In that case, what was she, then A b*tch!

The actresss face turned red with anger.

“You… Dont you dare create rumors!”

“May the gossipmonger be cursed with their family!” The woman smirked.

What a venomous tongue!

Standing at one side, a few people froze.

They did not expect the situation to take such a drastic turn.

Now, with the emergence of another official girlfriend of the man, they did not know who was telling the truth and who was making it up.

Everyone was confused.

Xiao Xue held to Mu Xi and said sternly, “Lets not waste time with this bunch of people; lets go to Shishis lounge and wait for her there.”

Ji Yans assistant was furious and stepped forward to block her with an overbearing attitude.

“Dont go! Youd better make yourself clear!”

“Get lost! A good dog doesnt block anothers way!” The missy shoved the woman aside.

Mu Xi was too excited by then and quickly followed Xiao Xue from behind.

After some distance, the young assistant purposely stuck her tongue out to taunt the group behind them.

The actress left behind was trembling with great agitation by then, while the people gathered around her dared not make a sound.

They found that the truth of the matter was getting more confusing, and to be safe, they decided not to take sides this time!

Xiao Xue followed Mu Xi into the actresss lounge, and the two immediately got along well with each other after what had happened earlier.

They talked about many things—the assistant shared how much the actress took care of her at work, while the actresss bestie spilled the interesting anecdotes of the two of them during their college days.

Soon after, Yun Shishi finished her filming and returned to the lounge.

Pushing open the door, she was stunned to see her best friend sitting on the sofa and chatting with her assistant.

“Xue” She sized up her friend in astonishment.

“W-Why… are you here”

The missy instantly jumped up from the seat when she saw the actress.

Approaching the other, her eyes turned red as she looked at her friend quietly with a heart full of regrets and sadness.

She had prepared her speech while on her way to the set, but when she came face to face with her best friend now, her mind drew a blank!

There were so much grievances and remorse that she wanted to share with the actress, but she choked on her words and no sound came forth.

After holding back for a long time, Xiao Xue spouted guiltily with tears in her eyes, “Shishi… dont get mad at me, alright Last night, I left without saying goodbye; I mustve hurt your feelings!”

The actress was stunned for a while before she broke into a faint smile.


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