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The actress, who had not gotten over her anger, wanted to say something more, but her assistant pulled her back, warning cautiously, “Shishi, there must be some kind of misunderstanding.

Itll only be detrimental to you if you say anything now! Besides, the director is asking you to speed up.

With you running late, youd better hurry up and get your makeup done fast.”

She was really furious at this time, but she knew not to delay the production, so she turned around and moved to leave when a discordant voice sounded behind her.

“Hey, are you leaving Didnt you just confront us with indignance Now that were ready to talk about it face to face, you want to leave now! Are you thinking of slipping away because youre feeling guilty”

“Thats right! You were so confrontational earlier, yet youre running away now like a fugitive.”

She could not hold back anymore.

Shaking off her assistants hands, she turned around and spoke in a frigid, stern voice, “Who made the sarcastic remarks! Own up now!”

Her thunderous voice startled the rest into silence.

Since entering the team, she had always been gentle to anyone and hardly raised her voice.

Hence, when she showed her inviolably angry self, she immediately shocked everyone.

Nobody had ever seen such a harsh side of her before!

Her angry eyes swept across the crowd.

Because of her sullen anger, her expression became especially severe as her usually gentle face took on a bitter frostiness.

Seeing that no one dared to speak or stand forward, her voice turned colder.

“Is it because Ive been gentle and kind all along that you think Im a weakling without a temper”

Standing dumbly at one side, her young assistant was also stunned into non-reaction by her unexpected fearsome outburst.

“Why are you keeping quiet now Didnt you want me to confront you!” The actress snorted.

“I dont know whos fanning the flames exactly, but Im warning you: Im not that easy to bully! My dressing room is right next door; if any of you have a problem with me, you can go directly to the dressing room and confront me! If its my fault, then Ill admit it and apologize, and Ill even inform the whole crew of my criticism, but if its you guys who are making things up and spreading gossip without asking for the truth, Ill not back down, either!”

Mu Xi looked at her watch and immediately tugged at her charges sleeve carefully.

It seemed that, because of the actresss annoyance, the former could not help being scrupulous for a while.

She had never seen her artist flying into such a fit of rage before!

“Shishi, dont argue with them.

Ill bring you to do your makeup now; were very late already.”

It was only then that the actress reined in her anger, turned around, and walked away with her assistant.

As she left the room, she was still very upset and slammed the door shut behind her.

The door closed with a loud, thunderous PONG!

The rest were startled by the loud noise and then looked at one another after calming down.

Someone mumbled guardedly, “What the hell! Its obviously her fault and shes the unreasonable one here, yet she still sounds so indignant.”

Somebody stopped her.

“Hey, thats enough! Didnt you see how stuck-up she acted She can bully a newbie like Ji Yan here because shes the senior.”

With her eyes rimming red, Ji Yan pouted petulantly.

“Stop it; Im already upset enough.”


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