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When Yun Shishi crossed into the large lounge, the people who had gathered to gossip in hushed voices, scattered and returned to work with different expressions on their faces.

Just as she was feeling suspicious, out of her periphery, she caught sight of Ji Yan sitting in front of the makeup mirror, silently wiping her tears.

The latters swollen, red eyes suggested that she had been crying earlier.

When she saw the protagonist, she did not greet her with an affectionate smile unlike before but squirmed and turned her face to the side, averting her gaze.

The woman seemed to be upset with her.

She was startled by her cold reception at first, but then she realized that the other woman was likely giving her the cold shoulder due to some misunderstanding over the unpleasant event at the party last night, but what about the others reaction!

She looked around the room in confusion and noticed many makeup artists surreptitiously gawking at her.

When they saw her gaze sweeping over, they turned their heads away, looking guilty without saying a word.

It was quiet all around, and it was because of this momentary silence that a particularly shrill voice reached her ears.

“How did she find the face to come in still”

“Thats right… Meddling in other peoples affairs, too annoying for sure…”

“How come I didnt realize before that shes such a person”


Her hearing was not especially sharp, yet she instantly caught the whispered chatter.

Letting out a sudden snigger, she commented expressionlessly, “If you have any comments, you can say it directly to me; theres no need to whisper and talk about me behind my back!”

The surroundings turned eerily quiet after she said that, leaving only the sound of movement.

Everyone seemed to have ignored her words.

She was angry and did not know what rumors had been spread before she came to the set!

Could it be that Ji Yan has spread gossip about me to the crew, leading to their speculations about me

It couldnt be, could it

Is she this scheming

Besides, last nights event was unexpected.

She admitted that Gao Nans philandering was not directly related to the other actress, for the woman had met a scum without prior knowledge and became a third party inadvertently.

However, it was not right to spread rumors about her before getting the facts right.

“Why Why arent you guys talking now Arent you all whispering to one another earlier What do you have to say that you cant speak directly to me!”

Ji Yan finally raised her head to look at her, but the glance she shot her was extremely accusing and even held unspoken annoyance.

Her colleagues makeup artist finally blurted out, “You dont have to say anything more.

This matter was your fault to start with!”

“What did I do wrong!”

“You shouldnt have interfered with Ji Yan and Gao Nans relationship!” Ji Yans assistant rebuffed indignantly.

“I used to like you and thought you were rather frank and honest, without airs, since you get along well with everyone, but I didnt expect you to have such a lowly personality in private!”

The actress was thoroughly floored by the accusation.

Just then, Mu Xi entered the room with a stack of scripts in her arms and witnessed the scene.

She quickly put down the documents, went to tug at her charges sleeve, and reminded hushedly, “Shishi, what are you doing here Its your turn soon so youd better go and put on your makeup.”


“Dont argue with them!” The young assistant lowered her voice and added, “I have something to say to you.”

Although she had not yet dispelled her anger, she knew that she should not delay the production, so she turned around and moved to leave.


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