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Chapter 2594: Apologize in person!

“Are you trying to portray an image of a virtuous woman of chastity Is going to bed with me that much of a turn-off to you! If thats the case, then why did you choose to marry me, or are you playing soulmates with me! Do you really not understand men We are motivated by primal impulse and Im in that extreme category Are lower-body thinking animals, and Im even more extreme like that S*x comes first and love later.

Im not as innocent as you.

Do you think I have no preference just because I sleep on the same bed as you!”

Xiao Xue stared at her boyfriend with wide-eyed disbelief.

“Is this your reason for cheating on me”

“At least, other women can warm me with their bodies, whereas you cant even do that.” He then added, “To be honest, Ive lost my patience with you for a while now.

Your bestie asked you out this afternoon to talk about this matter, right Just as well, since Im already tired of you and of playing the role of a fake, noble boyfriend.

You can find someone else; theres no need to waste time on me, or if you want to stay with me to play the role of a fiancée, thats fine, too.

After all, its indeed a tad difficult to find a qualified marriage partner again—”


What he got in return was a vicious slap.

Gao Nans face was hit on the side and he looked at her, somewhat shocked.

She stared at him with a deadly gleam and her lips curled into a smirk suddenly.

“Theres a limit to shamelessness.

Ive told you, time and again, my principles regarding relationships.

I dont care about wealth and even if your family is reduced to nothing; Im still willing to give my all to you.

The only thing I cant forgive is betrayal!”

He stared at her in a daze for a long time, the ambience seemingly turning as chilling as ice.

She did not waste any more time with him.

After fiercely wiping away her tears, she turned to pick up her bag and walked away without a second glance.

With his eyes glowering, the mans face turned ugly as he held his burning cheek.

After leaving the Gao residence, the woman opened the car door and slipped into the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the engine failed to start despite several attempts, and this was when she realized that she had forgotten to turn off the headlights, so the battery had run out as a result.

She slammed her fist on the steering wheel, and seeing that this did not relieve her frustration, she then slammed it hard a few more times.

Soon after, her hands dropped limply by her side.

With her head lowered, she closed her eyes and leaned against the steering wheel as droplets of tears rolled down her cheeks and wetted her collar.

How could this be

How could there be such a terrible man!

She finally broke down into tears and cried.

She recalled her nonchalance when her best friend recounted his bad deeds to her, and in contrast, how her mind went blank when she heard him spout those nasty words in person.

Besides heartache, more than anything else, she felt remorse!

She picked up her cell phone and wanted to call her bestie to make a sincere apology, but then she reckoned that the latter would be very disappointed with her for leaving without a word.

No, she had to apologize to her friend in person regarding this matter.

She knew that the actress was busy with production recently and decided to visit the set personally so that she could offer her sincere apology.

The next day, an odd atmosphere filled the set ofExtreme Youth.

This was especially so when the protagonist appeared on set and the staff looked at her in a weird, penetrating manner.


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