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“Oh… I see!”

The next moment, though, Xiao Xue screwed her brows together and asked with puzzlement, “Why havent you been sleeping well Is there something bothering you”

“Im not sure myself… I get really sleepy during the day, but at night, I just cant fall asleep so easily.

According to Youyou, I probably had too much caffeine intake, which resulted in my insomnia.”

“That boy is just so sweet and considerate! Youre really fortunate to have given birth to that pair of twins, Shishi!”

She then passed their order sheet to the waiter, who left thereafter.

Seeing that they were the only ones left in the private booth, which she had specifically selected for its conducive environment during the lull hours, the actress started mulling on how she should broach the topic of her besties boyfriend when the lady suddenly told her excitedly, “Oh, did I tell you about this Gao Nan and I went on a trip to the Maldives just recently!”

That completely disrupted her thoughts.

The very mention of the guys name had her frowning almost out of conditioned reflex.

“The Maldives”

Her friend did not notice the abnormality in her and went on chirping, “Yes! Thats the first time I saw his superb figure! Goodness me, his body is a work of art! I couldnt tell it at all with a shirt covering his muscles! When he told me that he works out on a casual basis, I felt so jealous and mad! To maintain my figure, I seldom eat desserts on top of working out hard, yet I havent managed to develop any firm muscles!”

She smiled gently at that, deciding to hear her friend out first.

It would be impolite to interrupt, especially when she was in such an animated mood.

“Thats not the point, though… While we were there, he requested to…”—her friend paused as she bit her lower lip shyly and looked at her, feeling tangled—”but I dont think its a good idea to do that before marriage…”

“Do what” she asked, despite knowing what the other was saying.

Xiao Xue shot her a reproachful look in return.

She hesitated for a long time, but because she was too embarrassed to even say the words, she ended up clenching her teeth and stomping her feet in frustration.

“Well, you should know what I mean by…that!”

“What exactly isthat How am I supposed to know what youre talking about if you dont make it clear”

Feeling defeated, she plucked her courage and asked, “Shishi, do you remember what I said to you in the past I vowed not to have any s*x**l relations with men before marriage…”

It got the actress breaking into a smile.

“Yes, you did tell me that; I even laughed at you for being a stickler to traditions.”

“Thats my principle, though! Doesnt it sound romantic to give myself to the man I love on the night of our big day Isnt that the greatest gift ever”

Yun Shishi thought otherwise.

“Do you see yourself as an object”

“N-No… Thats not what I mean!” A blush crept up her besties face.

“I just feel that things are progressing… a little too quickly! Marriage, as well as the act of consummation, is sacred to me, so I want to save my virginity for the most memorable and meaningful day of my life!”

“Does that mean…”—she raised a brow quizzically—”that you turned him down when he requested to make love to you”

Her friend turned even redder as she hurriedly answered, “No!”

“Oh” she replied half-jokingly.

“Thats so unlike you.

Youre such a conservative person that youll even blush when holding hands with a guy.”


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