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“What do you mean by that!”

“Despite dating for so long, weve only reached first base in our relationship.

You tell me: Is that even love What year is this already, yet she still has that conservative thinking of saving her virginity for after marriage!”

His words struck her like bolts of lightning; she was thoroughly enraged by now!

“Thats because she cares a lot about you! She doesnt want to come across as a loose woman, you vile beast!”

It got the man snickering.

“Well, what Im about to do next is even viler!”

He then proceeded to pull her into his embrace and lean in for a kiss.

As she tried to break free from his hold by kicking him and struggling so much, she heard a flurry of footsteps heading in their direction, followed by an irate bellow from Hua Jin.

“Let her go, you *ssh*l*!”

Gao Nan could not resist turning his head to the direction of the voice, but before he could do anything, a fist landed heavily on his head, and with a bam, he was sent flying to a wall!

The actress fell to the ground from the overwhelming impact as well.

Upon noticing this, the actor rushed forward and helped her up.

They turned their gazes onto the fallen man, who was leaning against the wall, wiping away the blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, which was the result of the idols punch, and saw him stand up, spit a mouthful of blood to the ground beside him, and suddenly lunge for the actor with his fist raised!

Hua Jin could have very well dodged the incoming punch, but he realized that if he did that, the woman behind him would suffer the consequences of his action.

Thus, he gritted his teeth and took the punch square on while pushing his colleague to the side.

“Watch out!”

“Who do you think you are! How dare you punch me!” spat Gao Nan, only to receive a death stare from the actor.

Earlier, the idol noticed this guy following the actress and her assistant the moment both women left their seats.

He got worried when the two ladies failed to return after some time, so he decided to go check things out but ended up witnessing this scene of the man molesting Yun Shishi.

A ball of fury surged from within him as he recalled how this lechers filthy hands had touched her body without consent.

“You b*st*rd!” His eyes glowed red with fury.

He then charged forward once more and smashed his fist right in the other mans face, knocking out a tooth of the latter in the process.


The other man let out a groan of pain, but that did not deter him from getting into a scuffle with the idol at the next moment.

Hua Jin had a rather slender physique as compared to Gao Nan, who obviously worked out on a usual basis, which was evident by how his taut muscles rippled underneath his shirt.

The actor was not daunted, nonetheless.

In fact, his murderous aura was fully unleashed when he looked at the man.

Likewise, Gao Nan tensed his body.

The dark expression on his face, however, meant that he was now taking things seriously.

“Stop fighting!” screamed the woman worriedly.

It did nothing to stop both men, however, for they got into yet another tussle.

Like a wolf, the man pounced on the actor, but the latter merely smirked and aimed a kick at him, which the former deftly dodged and returned with a punch that got the other stumbling backward.

As if he were immune to pain, Hua Jin wiped the blood from his mouth and gently licked his lips before raising his leg once more to knee the man on his chest.

There was no cool martial arts trick involved in their fight.


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