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The desperation and pain she felt as she sank into the deep sea, struggling while fishes surrounded her and bit her skin, remained fresh in her mind!

She hated—no, abhorred the nameYun Tianyou!

Soon or later, Ill strangle that little b*st*rd to death—wait, no!

Ill just be letting him off easy if I do that!

I should tie him up and toss him into the sea alive, instead! He ought to have a taste of despair, too!

“Yun Na, dont go out for the time being, lest you accidentally expose yourself,” warned Ji Yan again.

She coolly replied, “Dont worry; I know what to do.”

“Itd better be the case!” The starlet had stood up and walked toward the door when she called her.

“Yan Bingqing!”

The starlet spun on her heel furiously and shot her a death glare.

“Didnt I warn you never to call me by that name again! Yan Bingqing is dead.

I go by the nameJi Yan now! Dont you ever mention that name again!”

She, however, merely curled her lips into a bland smile.

“Didnt anyone suspect your true identity when you returned to showbiz as Ji Yan”

“What of it Ive completely erased Yan Bingqings identity.

Even if anyone has any doubts, they wont be able to confirm my identity.” A creepy yet disinterested smirk appeared on the actresss face as she spoke.

“How about her She didnt suspect your identity at all”

Naturally, the actress knew who she was referring to!

“Yun Shishi” The other woman wore an indifferent smile as she turned to look at her.

“She did appear to have her doubts when I first appeared on the production set, but so what Any problem with that”

“I have to warn you: Shes not the one you should be scared about.

The fearsome ones are the boy and Mu Yazhe.”

“The boy!”

The actresss baffled expression soon faded as Yun Tianyous elegant yet cute face appeared in her mind.

Her voice took on an eerie tone as she sneered.

“Ill naturally be on guard even without your warning! That boy is indeed not simple, though.

“Hes even crueler than his father and is far more capable than you can imagine.

I tried looking into his background, but I failed to get even a single clue about him.

Can you help me investigate him”



A frown settled between her brows.

“Thats because not even I managed to find out anything.”

What a joke.

To think a seven-year-old boy could actually be so fearsome.

If I didnt witness it for myself, Id never imagine that such an adorable and angelic-looking child would have such a vicious side.

Whats more; despite exhausting much effort and means, theres no data to be found on that Yun Tianyou.

Hes truly a fearsome character.

“That boy probably already suspects me because of what happened to Yun Yecheng.” She paused, then added, “So youd better be careful.

Dont let your guard down even for a moment, or all our efforts will go to waste.”

“Got it.”

With that, the starlet turned around and left the room.

Left alone, Yun Na only returned to the bed after locking the door and making sure that the actress had indeed left by peeking through the peephole.

She then lit up a cigarette, took a drag at it, and slowly exhaled the smoke into the air.

The sinister look in her squinted eyes was undisguisable.


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