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The protagonist threw up her hands in surrender.

“Mu Xi, give me a break, alright I have no experience; I dont know what I need to prepare for a wedding.

Its my first time, after all.”

The assistants lips twitched momentarily.

“Oh, my; why am I more anxious than the bride Youd better go back and discuss this with Chairman Mu!”

“I understand.”

At the studio.

Gu Xingze was sleeping in the lounge with his eyes closed when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

An assistant walked in directly.

Upon seeing that the superstar was resting, the junior was startled and quickly tried to confirm.

“Sir, am I disturbing your rest”

“What is it”

“Oh, heres the thing…”

The assistant walked over and passed him a document.

“Li Xianger has been taken care of.

From now on, her name will disappear completely from the publics view.”

“Mmm, got it.” The man opened his eyes suddenly.

“Where is she”

“Because the whole affair got blown up, the central bureau is investigating her now.

Shes being held at the bureau currently, and if the investigation uncovers something serious, shell probably need to serve jail time.”

“Help me inform the bureau: Deal with this matter seriously.”


The superstar closed his eyes again and the assistant hastily took his leave.

After the door was closed, the man suddenly opened his eyes again; an icy gleam flashed across his orbs for a second and he curled his lips into a menacing grin.

Li Xianger

Shes too juvenile to fight with me.

Inside the basement of a grand villa.

Yun Na heard someone knocking at the door and got up to take a peek through the peephole.

When she saw the woman standing outside, she immediately opened the door.

Once the door was opened, the woman in a trench coat immediately entered the room and flipped her hand backward to lock the door.

Yun Na sized up the woman warily.

“Why are you here”

Standing in front of her, the woman elegantly took off her hat and hung it by the coat rack on the side.

As the woman turned around, Ji Yans extremely exquisite countenance came into her view.

“Theres been some unrest recently.

Youre not allowed to go anywhere except to stay in here, understand”

The other was dumbstruck.

“What happened”

“Lu Jingtians attack has become a very big thing.

The police are starting to investigate this matter vigorously again.” After a pause, Ji Yan furrowed her brows and added, “I dont know what evidence the police have right now.

In short, the recent investigation is going very strong, so youd better not show your face for the time being.”

Yun Na smiled in disdain.

“You can rest assured that the police have no way of laying their hands on any evidence of my crimes.”

“Are you that confident”

“Of course! I am cautious and will never let myself be caught.”

Ji Yan was stunned at her words, and then her vision could not help but fall on the other womans hands.

It was a pair of hands where the tips of all ten fingers were completely erased through scalding them with a hot iron.

She was shocked to see these hands at first.

She remembered that time when she asked the other party, “What happened to your hands”

“I burned all my fingertips to hide my identity.”

“Burned!” She was shocked.

“How did you do that”

“At first, I cut the flesh with a knife, then I switched to using a hot iron, a fire tongs, and a torch lighter.”

She listened and involuntary shuddered with chills!

How cruel!

“Didnt you feel any pain”

Yun Na gritted her teeth.

Felt any pain

How was it possible not to feel any pain!

It hurt so much that it tore through my heart and I sweated profusely!


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