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Chapter 191: His “Cold Image” is only an appearance

“Well, there is a CCTV camera over there.” Little Yichen suddenly said while pointing out the camera on the side: “With its angle, it probably captures what happened, right Play it back, so that the truth will come to light!”

Then, Little Yichen’s eyes fell on Lu Jingtian once again before adding: “There is only one truth.”


After saying those words, Little Yichen haughtily raises his jaw, as if he just said something very cool.

Seeing this, everyone fell silent.

Yun Shishi herself got stunned when she saw such funny reaction of him.

Even Mu Yazhe who had a very tight looking face and could no longer remain calm in the situation also couldn’t help curve his lips.

However, from upstairs, Yun Tianyou was completely got stunned.


What’s so funny about it

On the other hand, when Gu Xingze saw Little Yichen’s funny face.

He couldn’t help but made a “Puchi” sound.

“Ha ha ha -”

Hearing Gu Xingze, all the guest could also no longer hold their laughter.

Because all of them were so amused by his lovely side.

However, despite the joyful sound of the crowd.

Yun Shishi who was looking at Little Yichen wanted to laugh too, but she couldn’t.

This child, actually help her But, why

Such event is totally unexpected.

Because after giving birth to him, they never got a chance to see each other.

Is it because blood is thicker than water That’s why they have some unexplained connection that is very difficult to erase.

Is this what his heart wants to do

But, what did he call her

Beautiful sister

Remembering that, Yun Shishi couldn’t help but laugh at loud.


When she saw him for the first time, his face looks so proud and cold.

He showed her the exact atmosphere of Mu Yazhe.

That’s why she could only look at him from afar.

But, who would have thought that his cold image is only an appearance

Although he and Youyou are twins, their temperament is quite different.

Youyou is a very gentle child.

He looks so innocent, romantic, lovely and warm.

But, sometimes he’s very mature, that’s why she couldn’t help but rely on him.

On the other hand, Little Yichen adapted Mu Yazhe’s image.

He looks very cold on the surface, but he has a very lovely side.


He must be also a very clever child, right

She missed seeing his six years of life.

And that is her biggest regret.



After a few more minutes, the embarrassing atmosphere finally subsided.

Gu Xingze smiled, then secretly look at his assistant that was nearby.

His Assistant immediately understands his hint and quickly went forward to lift Lu Jingtian and take her to the infirmary.

Lu Jingtian got angry, but because it was Gu Xingze’s order.

She tried calming herself.

“Miss Lu, do you still want to make a fuss They played back the video from the CCTV camera, so we saw what exactly you have done.

Xingze wants you to step down on your own, so you could avoid this trouble quickly.”

The Assistant paused for a moment, then asked: “There were still a lot of personality from the media in this party, do you still want to continue embarrassing yourself”

“I … …” Lu Jingtian doesn’t know what to say: “I really don’t like her.

I don’t understand why everyone is siding with her.”

“Miss Yun Shishi is Xingze’s partner on tonight’s cocktail party.

So, he shows great importance her.

But, you’re causing her trouble, so do you think Xingze will just let you do that”

“Are you saying that I don’t mean anything to Big Brother Xingze!”

“Xingze is also one of the faces of the Universal Entertainment.

So, don’t do this next time.”

“I’m sorry!” Lu Jingtian said.

And finally, she was able to calm her mood and let her bring her to the infirmary.

With this, the storm has finally calmed down.

And the party started smoothly. 


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