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After breakfast, the four of them packed up and went out merrily!

They were supposed to meet Mark at the hotel entrance, but just as Yun Shishi was leaving the hotel with her hands around her husbands arm, she saw a Maserati parked in front of the building.

Her eyelid jumped for a second.

If she remembered correctly, based on a fleeting but unforgettable glance yesterday afternoon, this car should belong to none other than her rival!

Soon, her suspicion was confirmed.

Just as they stepped out of the hotel, a woman alighted from the vehicle, and true enough, it was Rong Xuan!

Why is she here again!

Why is this woman so hard to dispel off!

Her initially bright and sunny mood fell to the bottoms, and her face sank at once!

From her recollection, she knew that her husband had made it clear to the woman last night that it would be impossible between them.

With his merciless bluntness, he had thoroughly rejected his old flame and squashed any hope she could possibly have.

Surely, that would have dealt the woman a hard blow, wouldnt it

Why did she shamelessly show up again!

Dont tell me that she hasnt given up yet

The words that he said, were they not cruel or blunt enough

Or did his words stimulate her desire to win!

She glanced at the man beside her and saw that his expression had also turned ugly!

He stared at Rong Xuan with a gloomy face as the latter approached them.

She looked so at ease as though she had completely forgotten the heartless words he spoke to her yesterday!

Rong Xuans face had a gentle smile, which was so elegant that others would probably call into question her state of mind!

Any woman out there would probably have her heart smashed and broken into pieces when her beloved man put her down so ruthlessly.

Meanwhile, this one was acting as if nothing had happened.

She walked to them, and the first thing she did was to smile at the man and greeted him, “Why are you so early Still, Im even earlier than you guys! I got here at 8:30!”

The truth was that she was already here at eight, just so she could catch them early!

Yes, did he think that I would give up for good just because of his cruel words

No way!

Since she met him again, she had stubbornly believed that this was a destiny arranged by the heavens.

As she spoke, her gaze turned to his wife, and disregarding the mans sullen expression, she walked up to her and held the latters hand affectionately as if they were intimate sisters!

“Shishi, I heard from Brother Zhe that you guys dont plan to go to the palace for your photoshoot; is that right”


The protagonist was lost for words.

With a faint smile, the other woman lamented, “What a pity! As soon as I went back last night, I did the preparation for you guys, but Brother Zhe called to cancel the photoshoot.

I find this a pity.”

“Theres nothing to lament about,” replied the other.

“We have decided to go to Venice for our wedding shoot.”

“Venice Thats not a bad idea, too.

The scenery there is beautiful and its world-famous for being a water city.

Its also a romantic choice for wedding photos!” After a pause, she tried to appear gracious by asking, “Do you need a guide Its rare for you to come all the way to Italy, so we can catch up while you do your shoot.”

“I dont think thats necessary, right” Yun Shishi turned her down, point-blank.

“We have a tight schedule and shall be returning home once we are done!”

Her reply was ruthless and direct, not leaving the slightest room for maneuvering.

Her forcefulness, compared to last night, startled the other woman!


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