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Feeling desperate, she blurted out, “But Ive never forgotten about you!”

The man merely responded with a smile.

“Thats different.”

“How is it so!” she pressed.

“Because Ive forgotten about you.”

His reply shocked her to silence, and her heart ached so badly that she was on the verge of suffocation.

Even though nothing could be more heartbreaking than to hear that from their beloved one, what he said next dealt her a bigger blow.

“You have long stopped mattering to me ever since she appeared.”

A deafening silence ensued thereafter.

As Rong Xuan wrung her hands in great distress, she bolstered her courage to ask, “Can I ask you something”


She carefully posed her question.

“Have you ever been romantically interested in me”

He quietly said, “What we felt for each other when we were young doesnt mean anything.”

“Why not!”

Does that mean he did like me

A glint of hope sprouted in her heart once more amid her despondency.

“What of it being more than ten years ago Ive never forgotten about you all these years!”

“Im a married man,” reminded Mu Yazhe again but in a more deliberate and indifferent manner.

“You know my character; once I make my decision, itll never be overturned.”

“In that case, if…” she asked helplessly, “you didnt meet your current wife, would you—”

“Its pointless to ask that sort of question.” He interrupted the woman, not at all giving her any false hope.

“Just answer me!” The woman insisted stubbornly.

“If you hadnt met her and she hadnt not appeared in your life, would it have been possible between us”

Sans a hesitation, he spat a firm, “No!”

Sweet nothings must be kept short and sweet, and one must give their all into a relationship.

That was how he viewed love, and he would stick to his principles to the very end.

He would give neither false hope nor a chance for others to butt into his relationship with his wife.

Thus, he mercilessly shattered the young ladys fantasies!

“Youre lying!” Her voice trembled.

“Did you ever like me”


His one-worded reply instantly banished her into the depths of an icy-cold abyss.

The line was soon cut off, indicating that the call had ended.

An expressionless Mu Yazhe then turned around, only to find his wife standing by the window and staring at him dumbly.

Upon seeing him entering the room after his call, the actress immediately clarified, “I-I didnt mean to eavesdrop.”

However, she regretted what she said as soon as the words spilled out from her mouth, for they sounded as good as a guilty confession!

The man arched a brow.

“You heard everything”

“Yeah…” She nodded her head awkwardly out of embarrassment.

Even though she could not hear what Rong Xuan said to him, she heard all of his replies.

He took a step toward her and leaned down slightly to stare right into her orbs and gently ask, “Are you still angry with me”

She immediately retorted, “Whos angry with you!”

“Oh, yeah” He could not resist grazing her nose with his finger.

“Deny it all you want, but when you get angry with me, you always hide from me like a little terrapin hiding at a corner.”

She turned her face away awkwardly and mumbled, “I-Im just… a little sad.”

“What for”

“Its nothing.”

Embarrassment colored her face as she suddenly turned around, saying, “Im going to go wash up.”


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