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Based on the car plate number that she had taken note of, she soon found out where he was headed to and chased him all the way to the hotel, only to bump into a waiter who happened to be delivering the candlelight dinner and was about to knock on the door.

As she stood waiting outside, she felt somewhat nervous and lost.

She thought they would never meet each other again in this lifetime, but the unexpected reunion led her to believe that it was fate at work.

That was why she sought her way here sans any regards!

Harboring such intense emotions, she flung herself onto him as soon as the door opened and tightly hugged the solid body of the man she had missed so dearly, refusing to let him go!

“Brother Zhe!”

Just like how she called him when they were young, she softly called his name in an attempt to evoke his past memories!

His hands, which meant to push her away, suddenly stiffened!

She knew for sure that the man had recognized her!

Heavens! He still remembers me!

She was elated by this!

Alas, just when her heart was bursting with joy, his next words completely shattered her heart as well as her dream!

‘Let me introduce you to my wife.

How formal that introduction was, though it was very much like the mans way of doing things!

He was decisive and rigorous, and once he set his mind on something, he would stick to it to the very end.

In fact, he was also so shrewd that it was almost unsettling.

She had detected the changes in his expressions earlier, from his initial confusion and his gradual coming to senses to his eventual smile of acceptance; through it all, however, she could vaguely sense that he was keeping his distance from her.

The estrangement was due to his deep understanding of his current marital status!

He was a happily married man, who had a wife and a pair of twins that he loved dearly.

As such, no matter what, he would keep a gentlemanly distance from all other females.

It also seemed that he was eager to announce his wifes identity to cut off the feelings she should not have toward him.

Once more, she found herself lamenting over his shrewdness and astuteness!

He had managed to detect her feelings for him right away, so just when she was all overjoyed about their reunion, he smilingly and gentlemanly introduced his wife to her as if he wanted to draw a line with her!

‘Xuanxuan, Ill marry you when we grow up, okay

‘Xuanxuan, I like you; lets always be together.

She could practically still hear the vows of her childhood sweetheart ringing in her ears, but it had been more than a decade, and things had changed.

At this moment, an unfamiliar woman was standing by his side, and she could tell that he loved her very much.

Did he ever mention to his wife the promise he had once made to me

The thought of that had her biting her bottom lip involuntarily as speculations ate her heart away.

She had chased after him so desperately, only to realize in the end that he had found his happiness.

While she hated herself for not looking him up earlier because of her reservations, she was also annoyed with him for not doing so, too.

Have I missed my chance at happiness

No way!

I wont take it lying down!


Nonetheless, despite her reluctance and regrets, she found no reason to continue liking him.

She was never one to pester men in the first place, much less one who was now married.


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