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“Yes” The man cocked his brow when he overheard her inaudible muttering.

“What is it”

“A woman is running after our car!” she explained.

“How strange.

I dont know whether shes misidentified us or something.”

He followed her gaze and looked at the rearview mirror, too.

However, the woman was already nowhere in sight by then.

“Theres no one behind us.”

“It couldnt be, right I just saw her chasing after us.” She looked at the rearview mirror again, and strangely enough, the woman was truly not there anymore.

“Maybe she wasnt chasing after us.”

After saying that, she gently rested her head on his shoulder.

The car sped away thereafter.

“Miss, are you okay”

On the road, the brown-haired woman crouched on the ground, biting her lower lip in vexation, as she watched the back of the car speed away.

She hit the ground angrily.

Coincidentally, she was wearing high heels today.

In her hurry, she tripped and fell as she ran after the vehicle.

She fell heavily to the ground, panicked, and then tried to catch up, but the car had already driven off.

All she could do was note down the license plate number.

She slowly propped herself up and then stood up slightly when she saw her bruised knee.

A layer of skin had also rubbed off her heel by the edge of her stiletto.

A policeman ran over and helped her up.

“Are you alright”

“Im fine! Its just a small bruise!” She looked up and gave the cop a faint smile.

“Officer, can you please check a license plate number for me”

“Well…” The policeman seemed hesitant.

If this was a request from any other person, he would flatly refuse.

Alas, the woman in front of him was Country Zs ambassador in Italy and had a rather distinguished background.

Her father was a very famous Chinese entrepreneur in Italy, and her mother was the chief diplomat of the embassy.

Her request was not one to be easily turned down.

The lady continued to smile faintly at him as she courteously expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you, officer!”

The car reached the hotel, and while the porter transferred the luggage to the room, the couple carried their two sons, one in each others arms, and walked into a luxury suite.

The two little ones were still sound asleep as they lay in the arms of their parents, exhausted from the long journey.

Their eyes remained shut as their heads rested on the adults shoulders.

Mu Yazhe did not want to wake them up.

The flight from Prague to Italy was, understandably, tiring, and this was not mentioning the jetlag.

As there was no program that night, the man intended to settle the two boys before bringing his wife to the opera.

The Italian opera was renowned internationally, and Yun Shishi had been thinking about it for a long time, so how could a husband ignore his wifes small wish

Upon reaching the hotel, he put the two children to bed.

During that time, the younger son woke up once and struggled to get up, but when the man saw how tired the little one was, he coaxed him to sleep some more.

During this rare period where they could take a breather from their energetic kids, he seized the chance to make out with her again.

After their charming affair, he carried her to the shower room and waited upon her with a welcoming warm bath.

When she was done, Yun Shishi took the hairdryer from him and said petulantly, “Blowdry my hair for me!”


He would not refuse any of her requests as long as he could satisfy it.

He took the hairdryer and had just switched it on when he vaguely heard some impatient knocks at their suites door.


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