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Chapter 2527: A Meeting of Old Friends (1)


This stupid woman was being kept in the dark by him even now!

He could imagine the dumbfounded look on her face when, one day, she realized that she was pregnant as she held a diagnosis report.

The thought of that could not help making him want to laugh; however, he held himself back.

Besides that, he harbored another selfish desire.

If she got pregnant, there would be no reason for her to continue in the entertainment industry.

When that happened, he would set up a production company for her to manage, where she could take on some good scripts at leisure.

Although the means was somewhat despicable, it was necessary to tame this woman who would not cooperate with him.

The hotel manager soon returned, got in the car, and told him, “Sir, I went to look at the situation.

Theres been an accident: Two cars collided with each other.”

“Its a car accident”

“Yes, its a minor accident, and the police have already rushed over.

The traffic will be back to normal soon!”

Mu Yazhe nodded.

Casually pulling the woman into his arms, he asked softly, “Are you tired

“Well, slightly.

Im afraid the two boys are also tired from the plane ride.”

The hotel had dispatched two cars to pick them up at the airport.

Their two kids, who were in the car behind them, were most likely dozing at the moment.

The road soon regained its smooth flow and their car slowly resumed moving ahead.

When they passed the scene of the accident, they saw the collision of a Bentley and a Maserati.

Yun Shishi could not help but to take a second look.

By the roadside, a brown-haired, dark-eyed woman and some uniformed police officers were standing face to face, seemingly engaged in an interview over what had happened.

The lady had an unmistakably oriental face, which was exquisite and delicate.

Her phoenix eyes were intricate and subtly complemented by her willowy eyebrows.

it was rare for women to go for a willow design now since the fad was the Korean straight-brow look.

It was hardly popular.

This woman, though, was very well-suited for the willow-like brows, which set off her almond-shaped eyes in a moving and charming fashion.

Her high nose bridge and pink cherry lips might not look stunning if placed apart, but when these features came together, they harmonized in a truly beautiful way.

Her face was instantly recognizable and unforgettable.

For some reason, perhaps because she was more particular with beautiful objects, the woman inside the car inexplicably paid special attention to the lady and could not help glancing at her a few more times.

The woman seemed a bit chagrined and annoyed.

As she raised her hand to look at her watch, she unconsciously sneaked a peak at the hotel car, which had just brushed past her.

The windows of the car were lowered that moment as she subconsciously looked.

As such, she could see the passengers inside the vehicle at once.

The womans face suddenly stiffened.

Her gaze paused slightly with a look of extreme surprise and suspicion.

She chased after the car with a few hurried steps, and upon seeing the man in the back seat clearly, she looked astounded and her strides lengthened involuntarily.

She was wearing high heels, but at the moment, she did not seem to care at all as she gave chase to the car.

Yun Shishi had already withdrawn her gaze, but when she looked up, she saw in the rearview mirror that the woman, with her hair made into a mess by the wind, was chasing after the car while waving her hand.

Her ruddy lips were slightly open as if she was shouting something, but it was impossible to hear her clearly inside the car.

The protagonist wondered quizzically, “Strange… Why is that woman chasing after our car”



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