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Chapter 2521: You are not even worthy of carrying her shoes!

It would take more than a pregnancy for a womanizer to pursue a woman who had disappeared on him so relentlessly!

She was also pregnant with his baby!

Furthermore, she was certain that the child she was carrying was a boy.

Since the beginning, he had not cared about her even in the slightest bit.

In contrast, he had been searching for that Meng Qingxue fervently behind her back.

She would never allow such a thing to happen!

The man did not respond to her question and she did not have the patience to wait for his reply, too.

With an expressionless face, she suddenly walked over and looked him in the eye.

“Let me say this to you: I have a limit to my tolerance, too! Dont think that, just because the Song family has fallen from grace, we can be bullied so easily.

Im telling you; since Im your fiancée and going to marry you, Meng Qingxue is thus not allowed to exist! No matter where shes gone to, youre not allowed to find her! If you still care about my feelings, then please abort the child in her tummy without a trace! I, Song Enya, am not that easy to bully!”

Mu Yancheng suddenly laughed morosely and told her off frigidly.

“Youre so naïve! Do you think that, just because you are my nominal fiancée, you can have the right to dominate me I dont think so!”

“What!” The woman was incensed.

“Did you say that Im dominating you! In what way am I dominating you! Im just defending my rights as your future wife! Im protecting my legal rights!”

The man retorted impatiently, “How can it be legal when you have yet to receive a marriage certificate”


“Besides, Im most disgusted with the way you legitimize your selfish desires!” After a pause, the man continued, “You cant tolerate Qingxue because youre worried that her existence will threaten your position as the Mu familys young madam! The point is that you dont have to worry too much at all! Whether Meng Qingxue is here or not, or whether she can be found or not, in my heart, youre not even worthy to carry her shoes!”

‘In my heart, youre not even worthy to carry her shoes!

The missy was deeply hurt by his words, which were like sharp blades that drove right into her heart.

Her face went pale for a while.

Looking like a sheet of white paper, her lips quivered violently for a while before she sucked in a sharp, deep breath, gritted her teeth, and pressed on forcefully.

“Im not even worthy to carry her shoes Mu Yancheng, do you really mean it!”

The man snorted and gave her an off-handed smile before replying mockingly, “Do you think Im kidding, or perhaps, you think Im as hypocritical as you are”

After saying that, he refused to acknowledge her presence anymore and passed instructions to a few of his assistants, “Clean up the place! Theres something else I have to attend to.”

After he took office, he immediately promoted two of his close associates to be his personal assistants.

One dared to say that this man had spared no efforts in boosting his status.

His predecessor only had one assistant, which he thought was insufficient.

As the one holding the supreme power in the Mu Group, he should have at least five assistants attending to him to show off his status.

As a newly appointed CEO, he had to make a pompous entry to announce his position!


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