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Min Yu looked at him with indifference; there was not the slightest bit of hesitation on his face.

It was not as if he had no feelings for this organization.

From the day he became Mu Yazhes personal assistant, he had sworn that, unless the Mu Group disintegrated, he would never leave this place.

However, now that the man was no longer with the Mu Group, staying would be meaningless.

His loyalty was with his former boss, not the conglomerate.

Song Enya was also startled by the assistants announcement.

The first time she saw him, he was just an administrative assistant under Brother Mu and then later groomed and promoted to be a trusted assistant.

She knew how loyal this man was to his former boss; hence, she was not too surprised to see him resign.

Mu Yancheng glared viciously at Min Yu.

After sizing up the latter for a while, he suddenly smirked and said contemptuously, “Your former boss raised a good and loyal dog, indeed!”

The assistant did not seem to take his overt insult to heart but simply replied with a deadpan expression, “It doesnt matter whether it is a good dog or not; even a dog also recognizes its master.

Not to mention that a good dog only recognizes a good master.”

Not waiting for him to finish, the man at the executive seat said coldly, “What if I refuse to sign this report”

“Then, I will unilaterally cancel the contract with your company,” said the other unhurriedly.

Mu Yanchengs eyes widened in disbelief and he erupted into a bout of angry laughter.

“What did you just say!”

“It doesnt matter whether you sign it or not.

If you dont, then it will be handled according to the companys rules and regulations.

All Mu Group employees who are absent from work for five days will be dismissed.” After saying that, Min Yu paused and then nodded his head elegantly with a final farewell smile.

“Master Yancheng, this is goodbye.”

After saying that, he turned around, sans expression, and walked toward the exit without looking back; there was not the slightest concern over the other mans wrath.

Mu Yanchengs face could no longer maintain nonchalance as he bellowed incandescently, “Stop! Did I say that you could leave!”

As expected, the assistant paid no attention to his angry outburst.

He simply opened the door and strode off without a second look.

The door slammed shut with a loud bang.

The muscles on Mu Yanchengs face twitched for a while.

With an ominous and seething expression, he turned around with gritted teeth, glanced at the resignation reports on the desk, grabbed them, and tore each fiercely.

After crumpling the papers into a ball, he threw them into the trash.

Song Enya watched everything, hummed a long sigh, and said, “You havent answered yet; what are you going to do about that Meng Qingxue”

At this moment, the proud missy was still upset over his mistress.

She initially reckoned that that woman was the one pestering her future husband.

She knew that he was a womanizer and had a wanton history.

There were young models, actresses, and even students among his past flings.

This was not the most annoying thing, however.

The most irritating thing was that the man actually took the trouble to find that b*tchs whereabouts after she took off without notice under her instigation.

What did this mean, then

This meant that the man had attached extraordinary importance to that woman to the point of making her uneasy!


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