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Chapter 187: As if it was his own life

Tonight, her stunning beauty is very eye catching.

So, those media photographers just continue taking pictures of her without knowing how many stacks of films they had used already.

Li Hanlin who was standing on the second floor couldn’t help but get stunned when he saw the scene.

Because of that, Yun Tianyou stepped on his feet and said coldly: “Agent Li, did you forget what I said”


Li Hanlin immediately answered.

But perhaps he got too shocked and reacted so fast, that’s why the expensive SLR camera fell on the ground and almost got smashed.

Seeing what he had done, Li Hanlin had a cold sweat.

What a calm and collected person.

However, Yun Tianyou only stared at him in silence.

As if he got stunned and shocked to see the most stupidities thing in the world.

“Chief Yun, my god! Look! Look at Miss Yun, she’s really beautiful ah! Her beauty seems like can stop the time!”

Li Hanlin got deeply shocked when he saw Yun Shishi’s beauty.

He quickly raised his camera, but didn’t forget to sigh and said first before he took a shot: “God is so amazing! She’s so beautiful.”

“Of course, my mommy is as beautiful as a fairy!” Youyou smile and looked at his mother affectionately.

His eyes were filled with so much warmth and love.


“Sister Jingtian, isn’t that… … Yun Shishi! Oh my god… …her dress is so beautiful ah!”

On the VIP side, Tang Yu couldn’t help but push Lu Jingtian multiple times in excitement while looking at Yun Shishi.

Lu Jingtian turned her head in displeasure, then coldly said: “What a noise! I don’t know her!”

“You don’t know her She’s the newcomer that Director Lin had chosen.

Oh, look at that necklace on her neck! It’s so beautiful! Is that a pigeon blood necklace”

When Lu Jingtian heard Tang Yu’s words, her heart skip a beat, so she followed Tang Yu’s line of sight.

When she saw the necklace, she couldn’t help but get shocked.

That necklace… … it looks very familiar.

Where did I’ve seen it again

Suddenly, a white light flashed in her mind.

“Ah … … That, that necklace is… …” Lu Jingtian eyes flashed with a trace of jealousy.

That necklace is the only one that exists in the world, so it’s unique and popular.

And she only had seen it with Mu Yazhe.

I heard that necklace existence is very important to him as if it was his own life.

When she first saw that necklace, she got very fond of it.

So, she tried to borrow it many times to him, but he’s very reluctant to part with it.

And in the end, he got annoyed with her.

But, she actually never dared to take that necklace.

After all, rumors say that this “Rose Tear” is the last masterpiece of the top Italian jewelry master, Janna Tumerson had created before she died.

After that, there have been so many jewelry designers that got inspired by it and wanted to create it too.

But because the pigeon blood is very rare and exquisite.

No one was able to recreate it, so it can be said that this “Rose Tear” was the only one that exists in the world.

And later on, it was known as the “Queen’s gem”. 

Why is it with her

Lu Jingtian’s eyes gradually become deep and the jealousy inside it become more and more visible.

Tonight, in this cocktail party, all the limelight was stolen from her.

Yun Shishi took away her role, so basically, she stole her limelight.

When Lu Jingtian line of sight fell on Gu Xingze, she got extremely shock.

She’s Gu Xingze’s female partner

Previously, Lu Jingtian invited Gu Xingze to become her male partner in tonight’s cocktail party, but he mercilessly refused her.

Saying he has an appointment.

It seems she had extremely lost a lot, even though she was treated by many like an international celebrity in Universal Entertainment Company.

In the end… … who am I

And who is this newcomer that hasn’t made a debut

What is going on

Lu Jingtian’s heart had a difficulty in balancing their situation.

So, when Yun Shishi was about to pass through her side, Lu Jingtian secretly slide her foot under her skirt like a ghost… …


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