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Chapter 2509: The Domineering Chu He

Turned out that these male officers, with many having experience in the army, were no match for her, either.

As for the ruffian, he had learned to behave himself after she taught him a lesson.

Whenever he saw her, he would quickly put on a submissive stance, too scared to say anything.

Unfortunately for him, this time, he fell into her hands again.

Meng Qingxue sat in the passenger seat while an auxiliary police officer accompanied the two gangsters to sit in the back on their way to the police station.

Chu He was the one driving the car back to the bureau.

At the bureau, a statement was made and recorded.

However, as their act essentially did not constitute any serious injury, the two men only got a tongue-lashing at most; there was no detention even.

The policewoman was so mad that, after scolding the two, she called them to the detention room and closed the door.

Meng Qingxue was curious about where the three people went and quickly asked the auxiliary police next to her, who then gave her this reply: “They were summoned for a lecture, I suppose.”


“Yes!” The policemans face sank slightly as he explained, “Sister Chus way of dealing with such pieces of trash is to rough them up first before giving a reformative lecture.”

“Rough them up”

“Those two have multiple police records with us and are regulars here.

Sister Chu finds them an annoyance, so I guess that theyll get it pretty bad from her this time!”

Sure enough, when the policewoman emerged from the room again with the two men in tow, their faces were bruised and swollen, especially around the eyes.

Finding their steps slow, Chu He kicked one of them and sternly rebuked, “Couldnt you walk properly!”

“Yes! Yes!”

“If I ever catch you guys again, you can bet that I wont be nice to you like today!” threatened the policewoman with a look of disgust on her face.

“Fancy two grown-up men troubling a helpless lass—how shameless!”

“Sister Chu, we know were wrong; well never do it again!”

She told them off coldly.

“Hmph! Dont ever do it again, or youll find yourselves in jail next time!”

The two men left the police station with their heads hanging low, looking utterly ashamed and defeated.

Chu He walked up to Meng Qingxues side, raised her eyebrow, and said smilingly, “Its okay now; you can go back!”

“I…” The latter suddenly looked worried.

She moved to speak but stopped herself.

After a while, she opened her mouth again and stammered with some anxiety, “I-I de-definitely dont dare to stay in that hostel anymore, but I dont know if there is another lodging that I can stay for the night; do you know any cheap hotels or guesthouses that I can stay overnight Ill look for a house tomorrow morning.”

“Look for a house” The lady officer was rather surprised to hear that.

“Are you planning to find a place to stay in this city”


“Why” The policewoman was really baffled.

“I only know people from Yan City who are willing to give a hand and foot to flee to the capital, but Ive never seen anyone from the capital wanting to settle down in this backward city.”

“I…” Meng Qingxue started, then stopped herself again, looking all glum.

The other knew that she was staying alone in that hostel and, not wanting to take any chance in case those two rascals went seeking revenge, she told her in a resigned tone, “How about you stay over at my place tonight Thats if you dont mind it.

Its time for me to knock off, too, so I can drive you back.”

“Can I” She was a bit uneasy over the suggestion.

“Will I disturb you”

Chu He shook her head and said openly, “No! Theres only my son and me at my place, and the house is rather big.

I happen to have a vacant room, too.”

Meng Qingxue was rather surprised to hear that the other party had a child.

“Son Are you married”

The other woman looked too young to be married with a kid in her opinion.

“Nope,” replied the policewoman with a shake of her head.

“Then… How did you…”


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