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What bad luck!

Why is our luck so down and out to have this demoness on the shift tonight Now, were back in trouble with her again!

Gone was the gentle look on Chu Hes face when she was talking to Meng Qingxue moments ago; now, she wore a fierce look of authority as she faced the two men.

“You dont have to care whos on duty tonight.

You just have to answer my questions honestly.”

Ah Dong leaned forward slightly with a flattering smile and remarked playfully, “It was… just an attempted robbery, wasnt it Hey, we arent for real, you know! Its just that we had too much to drink tonight, and the alcohol got into our heads, so… we just wanted to scare her a bit!”

With an impatient snort, the officer lifted her foot and kicked him so hard that he landed on the floor.

It was hard to imagine how she got the strength to sweep a nearly-six-foot man to the ground in one swift swoop!

Meng Qingxues eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

The gangster stifled a yelp of agony dully, while the policewoman continued sans any expression, “Scare her! Why does a grown-up man like you want to bully some lass when there are better things to do out there! Count yourself lucky that its not me you two met; if it were me, Id definitely break your arms!”

Ah Dong climbed up warily from the ground with a forlorn expression.

“Sister Chu, Im an asshole.

I know Im wrong; Ill do whatever you say! Just be gentle with me.

I… I am stupid and brainless! I shouldve remembered your words! I was wrong; I know I was wrong…”

The mans fear of this police lady was not without reason.

There was a time when he committed an offense against a widow in the east capital.

He had stolen some money from the widows shop.

It was not a large sum, amounting to just a few thousand yuan, but these few thousands were meant to cover the familys expenses for a year.

The widow had a child and two elderly people with her.

They lived under strained conditions, and to keep themselves afloat and make ends meet, the widow opened a fast-food restaurant next to the factory in the east of the city.

The familys livelihood all depended on that small shop.

A few years ago, her husband went to Africa for work on building a railroad.

Alas, he contracted an infectious disease during an epidemic and died in foreign land.

They could not even ship his body back home.

After losing her husband, the poor woman had to earn her living, so she toiled to run the fast-food restaurant for their daily expenses.

After Chu He found out about this, she detained the rogue and beat him up severely.

In short, he received a very heavy-handed treatment.

In fact, the money he stole was not enough to treat his injuries.

This ruffian, Ah Dong, was notorious in Yan City for his ruthlessness.

Many did not dare to do anything to him, and even if he went seeking trouble with them, they would not even consider calling the police for fear of his retaliation.

He also had a lot of brutal minions, and because of that, their nefarious deeds were rampant in this city.

However, since Chu He took office and had a few dealings with the ruffian, this ill-famed, small-time gangster was completely taken into hands by her!

This woman cant be trifled with! 

Shes a demoness.

It was not as if he had not tried to retaliate, but the crux of the matter was that this woman was so ruthless; he did not know where she got her skills from.

Once, he led a group of men to ambush her, and they all ended up getting a good thrashing.

After she took office, her righteous spirit brought the local security to a whole new level.

Many veterans in the bureau who were unconvinced had sought her out to compete in private.

Turned out that these male officers, with many having experience in the army, were no match for her, either.


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