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Chapter 2503: Lusting After Her

In a flash, her eyes peeled open and she sat right up in bed, glancing warily at the door.

Out of instinct, she wanted to ask who was outside her room, but as she was about to do so, she heard the grumbling of a familiar male voice.

“This stupid thing is surprisingly difficult to unlock.”

The man next to him asked, “So can you do it or not”

“I should be able to.”

She heard an electronic beeping noise right after, and she could not help drawing in a deep breath of cold air.

The voices sounded familiar; they belonged to the two ruffians whom she had met at this hostels counter.

A chill ran down her spine as she carefully and quietly climbed out of bed, tiptoed to the door, and looked through the peephole.

In the dimly lit corridor, a magnified view of a male with his head bowed down came into sight.

She remembered him; the hostels boss called himBrother Dong.

Seeing how respectfully the former treated the latter, this guy might be a street thug with some sort of background.

She guessed that the two men were probably playing cards, mahjong, or some other activities in one of the rooms here and were most likely gambling since she heard that they had lost ten thousand in just one night.

It dawned on her then that both had seen the cash in her bag back when it dropped open to the ground while they were tussling with each other. Did it cause them to harbor ill intentions

She was no fool.

Tucking herself at a corner behind the door, she dared not make a sound and even deliberately softened her breathing.

From behind the door, she heard Brother Dong muttering, “Its too hard to unlock.

Tsk tsk! Lets just break this thing.”

Oh, no!

Fear gripped her heart.

Hes not going to swipe the door with a card, is he

Are they going to break into my room!

Word had it that the average electronic hotel locks were very easy to unlock.

Some slot machine players would carry an electronic jammer with them, and such door locks were practically useless against those devices!

She nervously glanced at the door latch right then.

It was a good thing that it was all latched up.

What should I do!

What should I do!

This was the first time she encountered this sort of situation, and her hand instinctively moved to call for help via her phone.

The number that appeared in her mind, however, was none other than Mu Yanchengs.


I mustnt call him for help! I cant appear so spineless in front of him!

Since Ive decided to leave him, I should make a clean break.

I mustnt be wishy-washy about it and continue pining for him.

Clutching her phone tightly in her pocket, the terrified woman silently listened to the sounds the men made outside.

All of a sudden, she heard several beep beep sounds.

The door was then unlocked!

The man proceeded to push the door open but found that he could not due to the door latch.

Thus, he was still stuck outside for the being.


He tried pushing the door open again several times.

Furious by the unsuccessful attempts, he let out a string of curses.

“D*mn it.

This b*tch is quite cautious, huh! She even latched the door!”

“Say, what sort of family do you think shes from Judging by her appearance, Id say that shes a rich missy.

I wonder what shes doing here with so much cash on her!”

“Who knows! Haha! I wouldnt give a d*mn about her if not for that cash in her bag.”

“Shes quite the pretty, little thing.

It wont hurt to have some fun with her.”

The other man was lusting after her.

Earlier at the receiving area, he had obviously noticed her beauty and her rather busty chest.


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