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Despite Huanyus repeated efforts to conceal the tragedy, some keen reporters smelled something fishy, squatted at the hospital, and quickly learned of the incident to spread the news.

[Young actress, Lu Jingtian, suffered an accident and jumped to her death after being overwhelmed during her recovery!]

[Lu Jingtian, actually Lu Boshengs daughter! The business tycoon, said to have suffered a heart attack following the bereavement of his daughter, out of danger now.]

[A young life lost! Lu Jingtians will to live exhausted following disfigurement via fire, jumped to her death!]

[A recount of the top ten female actresses whose lives ended!]

Another furore brewed on Weibo.

When the public learned of the news, they started to probe and lament.

The entertainment industry had always been transparently presented to the public; the more famous and popular the artists, the more difficult it was for them to maintain undisturbed personal lives.

The news of Lu Jingtians burning a while ago was still trending on Weibo.

Although she had debuted not long ago and there was no theatrical work under her belt, her supporting role inThe Green Apple had more or less brought her some fame, albeit it had not made her significantly popular.

Still, the publics concern was beyond imagination with the news of a star being disfigured.

Now, not long after the initial tragedy, another news leaked about her suicide.

The netizens were teeming with speculations at once!

They could not wait to get their hands on the latest information.

[How did Lu Jingtian commit suicide]

[Why did she commit suicide]

[How did the tragedy look]

[Whats the gravity of Lu Jingtians tragedy]

[Is Lu Jingtian really dead, or is she fired by the company]

[They said that an actress jumped to her death yesterday!”

[Ah, yes, thats right! Was thatLu Jingtian My sister is a nurse in that hospital, and she was there when it happened.

I heard that she had died a horrible death, with her head smashed to pieces!]

[Oh, my god; what could be so terrifying that made her kill herself]

[I heard that she got disfigured in an accident.

She probably lost her will to live after that and chose to end her life.]

[Poor girl… but isnt her dad rich If one has the money, how about undergoing plastic surgery and skin-grafting They dont have to kill themselves, do they]

[Oh, its hard to explain the entertainment business in a sentence or two! Who knows what the true story is]

“Lu Jingtian, the actress who played a supporting role inThe Green Apple, jumped to her death last night.”

“Thats terrible! Jumping to her death mustve been so painful; why did she have to do that to herself”

“Pity her parents! Imagine the grief of the two seniors who had to send off their young daughter! They fell ill all of a sudden, and both were sent to the ER together.

I dont know how they are doing now…”

“Oh, I cant figure out what these rich people want!”

Her suicide instantly became the publics after-dinner conversations.

In reality, very few people really cared about her death, nor were they concerned over how big a blow her departure to the Lu family was.

The majority of people were merely purely curious about the incident.

There were even nonsensical people who could not wait to uncover the hidden facts.

They chased after details and threatened the media to report the truth of the matter; some even put forward conspiracy theories.


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