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Chapter 184: Doesn’t exist

Originally, they were identical twins, so they definitely look the same, especially their pair of eyes.

But, their temperament doesn’t look the same.

Little Yichen always had a stern face, acts childish, but seems full of pride.

He’s just like any normal rich kid.

However, he’s atmosphere looks very cold, so you would hesitate to get close to him. 

Li Hanlin said: “But, he lacks in maternal love.”

Yun Tianyou knitted his eyebrows: ” Huh Didn’t I lack in paternal love”

“But still, even without father’s love, I’ve grown this strong.”

Li Hanlin secretly think inside his heart: This is not growing strong, it’s simply in your genes.

So young and yet so black-bellied… …

“Now, I got worried.

Does that mean if you lack maternal love, you will have an indifferent attitude”

“Don’t worry,  Chief Yun, coz you’re always… … Ahem, ahem…”

Indifferent, so why do you need to worry about him

Mu’s family genes are not normal, so that child is definitely abnormal just like you!

“Agent Li, what are you thinking ah” Yun Tianyou turned his head and look at him.

Although Yun Tianyou is only six-year-old child, but he has a very keen eyes.

Keen eyes that seem can penetrates inside a person’s mind.

Plus, he has an amazing observation.

But still, Li Hanlin pretended and said: “Nothing, I was thinking that Chief Yun seems so caring to his brother!”

“I care about him”

Yun Tianyou frown and helplessly shook his head: “Agent Li, don’t get me wrong.

In fact, these so called father and brother of mine doesn’t exist in my eyes.

I don’t feel anything for them.”

“… …” When he heard his words, Li Hanlin got so shocked.

“So, why are you thinking that I care for them”

At that moment, Yun Tianyou’s voice tremble in anger secretly, but his fingers that were holding the handrails reveal his real feelings.

When Li Hanlin saw his reactions, his heart felt an inexplicable feelings.

In the past, he never felt scared and lonely looking at this little small guy’s eyes.

After all, he always wear his innocent and loving mask while protecting his mother on the side. 

And no matter how strong the wind or the storm is, he always stays the warm Little Youyou and helped Yun Shishi in her helpless times.

However, now, that mask seems slowly fading.

He looks like a lonely child that is standing alone in a remote place, covered with lonely thorns that were piercing his heart in pain. 

“Yun… … you just… …” Lin Hanlin couldn’t finish his words.

Because Yun Tianyou’s gentle and smiling face complete disappear.

As if the great pain he felt turn him into a complete cold person.

“Blood is such a ridiculous thing.

Suddenly, I have to call this strange man “my Daddy” and then I have to call that child “my brother”.

Say, why do I need to do that Why do I need to care about them, when he run away to his responsibility to me in all these years”

When Li Hanlin heard him, he couldn’t help but hold him tight.

But, Yun Tianyou soon recovered his usual calmness, but his face is still cold: “Agent Li, my stupid mommy is useless, right She was always being bullied, but she never fights back.

No matter what injustices she experience back at home, she will just smile in front me, as if she smiling can make her strong.

Very stupid right”

“Your mommy loves you.

That’s why she’s willing to make compromises.”

“Yes … that’s why she’s a stupid mom.”

Yun Tianyou’s eyes slowly turn deep and empty.

As if all of his memories from the past turn into a big nightmare.

After all, as far as he could remember, he is nothing but a fatherless child.


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