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Hopelessness dwelled in her dim orbs.

If not for her undulating chest, one could hardly tell that this was the body of a live person and would only take it as a charred body.

The mother, who could no longer stand seeing her daughter in such a state, turned around and gripped her husbands clothes tightly and choked out in pain, “Is there truly no other way Bosheng, are you just going to sit back and watch our daughter suffer a hellish life! W-Whats going to happen if she remains like this…”

“What can I do Theres nothing I can do! I would suffer that pain on her behalf if I could, but thats not going to happen! Im truly helpless and at the end of my wits, too! Do you think… Do you think that I like to see our daughter in such agony!”

Lu Bosheng found it hard to suppress his heartache as he let out a heavy sigh and spoke in a low tone.

“I did consider euthanasia, but… I just couldnt bring myself to do it! Besides, she might want to continue living! She might have a burning desire to stay alive! As her mother, you should stay stronger than her!”


A jolt ran through his wifes body when she heard that.

She gave him a hard push and questioned sharply, “Are you mad! Shes your flesh and blood! How could you ever think of murdering her! Are you out of your mind!”

Upon realizing that his words had been misinterpreted, he waved his hand in irritation and told his wife, “Calm down and get a hold of yourself! Both of us need some cool-off time!” With that, he pushed open the ward door and stormed out to the stairwell for a smoke.

The older woman, meanwhile, fell back onto a chair and put her hands to her face.

Despite feeling the urge to cry, she held back her tears, not letting drop even a tear.

Sometimes, at the point of extreme sorrow, the tears would just not flow out.

These two weeks, ever since Lu Jingtian came out from the operating room and was transferred to the ICU, had been long and torturous.

After undergoing five painful sessions of changing her dressings, she was finally out of the infection phase and could attempt to get out of bed.

Being able to get out of bed meant that she would soon enter the rehabilitation stage.

The doctor had repeatedly warned her that her rehabilitation period might take a very long time since she was so severely burned to the point that the nerve tissues involved with her muscle memory were damaged.

Not using them, however, would inevitably lead to muscle atrophy.

Undergoing rehabilitation was torturous, but no matter how torturing it was, she still had to go through it.

The very first day she could get out of bed, she tried walking a couple of laps in her ward, but the short distance was enough to send her gasping in pain.

On the second day, she could finally walk four laps, and gradually, she could even push open the door of her ward to walk out.

A hint of relief slowly surfaced in her heart.

Finally, she could feel the joy of being a human again.

She thought that everything was going to be fine as long as she never looked at mirrors for the rest of her life.

She would do her best to continue living, even if it was just for the sake of seeing the next days sunshine and the beautiful setting sun.

Even though she repeatedly harbored the thought to end her life, she was also equally greedy to experience the beauty of life.

There were so many things—so many regrets—that she had yet to do.

Things were looking optimistic for her since she was recovering well.

The doctor also told her that she might not need to amputate her legs if things progressed like this.

The doctors encouragement gave her a boost of confidence and hope.

She told herself, Perhaps recovering my looks wont be too tough once the medical technology becomes more advanced.

She kept trying to motivate herself in an attempt to cheer up and stay strong.


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