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Chapter 2467: She is special

“Besides, do you know how Yun Shishi made her debut She, too, was just an unknown rookie, but the superstar gave her his ace manager, groomed her, and even made use of his fame and resources to get her name out there! This means that hes very generous toward the woman he loves! You might not be her, but you had a fling with him after all.

Its no big deal for him to give you some resources!”

Like devils whispering in her ears, Li Xiangers bosses effortlessly brainwashed her into signing a contract with them while igniting hope in her.

That night, she received a call from Gu Xingze.

He cut straight to the chase the moment the call connected.

“Li Xianger, are you out of your mind”

She had expected him to call due to all the hype and sensationalism surrounding them.

However, she did not foresee him to speak so harshly and curtly.

Even through the phone, the pure rage in his voice caused her to shudder involuntarily.

Despite receiving the call that she was looking forward to, her heart started drumming upon hearing his questioning tone.

She suddenly felt lost and did not know how to answer him.

Her lack of response, however, was a wake-call to the superstar.

“Are you trying to make use of me to get fame and status”


“Who gave you the right to do this!”

Clearly, he was in an extremely volatile mood.

He shouted on the phone, “I told you before that what we had was nothing but a transaction.

Dont you try to do any funny business!”

“A transaction Am I a thing You see me as an item” the woman choked out, feeling especially aggrieved upon hearing the shrill wordtransaction.

“What Isnt that so” he retorted.

“I thought you know very well what you are!”

“Xingze,” she explained bitterly, “what happened today and before wasnt my intention! I went straight home after leaving the hotel that night.

I swear to you I didnt hire any paparazzo!”

“Whats the difference whether you hired them or not Youve clearly given me lots of trouble!”

He finally realized how dangerous this woman was!

He had nothing to say and could not care any less about the model making use of him.

He would not stoop down to her level, but besides him, her marketing campaigns were clearly out to target Yun Shishi as well.

He did not want to disrupt the actresss life anymore, so he found what the model did to be way out of the line!

Even though he allowed himself to become depraved, he would not tolerate and allow other women to hurt her in his name!

Tears, meanwhile, pooled in Li Xiangers eyes.

Even a fool could tell who and what the superstar was trying to protect through this phone call!

He did not care whether his popularity would suffer from this marketing campaign or how others would view his private life.

All he cared about was that the hype that she created had affected the actress!

She could not understand it because she, having undergone surgery based on Yun Shishis appearance, looked exactly like the actress herself, and from the actresss past interview, the latter did not seem to be very concerned about the superstar at all.

She, on the other hand, was willing to give up everything for him!

Just a word from him, and she would willingly stop this hype on herself.

This phone call, however, shattered all her fantasies!

To think that, before she received this call, she gleefully and naively thought that she was somewhat special to the man!


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