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Chapter 2464: Setting a Name (1)

Li Xiangers photos, however, were not as sophisticated as Yun Shishis.

They looked unrefined and rather badly executed, where the lighting effects could have done better.

After all, these were not shot by any photography masters.

Still, the overall effect was more than enough to fool some of the fans despite the poor attention to details.

The actresss indignant fans were outraged and called her out on her shamelessness.

The model, however, seemed to enjoy this kind of attention.

On the following morning after the night she left the hotel, she was equally shocked to see pictures of her appearing on social media when she checked Weibo.

Shortly after, she was summoned to the office which filled her with trepidation.

She did not know what trouble she had gotten herself into due to this scandal.

In the end, she was brought to meet the management team, which she had not expected at all.

They told her outright that they were the ones to send the paparazzo on her and then proceeded to tell her their intention to package her as a professional actress.

She was stunned by this sudden piece of good news!

Like most young, nubile models, she had graduated from an unknown art school, and like many of them, she had done some public relation works when she was still in university.

No line was crossed in that part-time job, of course.

At that time, she was still schooling and the discipline was strict.

She managed to shore up some savings from the part-time assignments; thus, after graduating from the art school, she came to the bustling capital all by herself, with the intention of working toward her thespian dream.

At that time, her features were not considered outstanding, and though the movie,The Green Apple, had not been released yet, images of Yun Shishi were already exposed in the public domain.

She was Gu Xingzes diehard fan, and wanting to sculpt her face to look like the actress, she flew to Korea on three occasions to undergo reconstructive surgeries.

The surgeries were very successful; thus, with her exceptional looks, she quickly landed a contract with a modeling agency.

Of course, this agency was nothing spectacular and could not even bring her close to any runway assignments.

When she was still unknown, she had only done some simple poster ads for a paltry fee.

Her meeting with the superstar at that private party was probably the tipping point in her career.

At that time, the mans acting career had just hit rock-bottom, where he was banned from showbiz and all his contracts were canceled.

When she first met him, he looked really depressed and was rather intoxicated after a few drinks.

She intentionally drew close to him, and probably due to her looks, her attempts to please him did not turn him off surprisingly.

One thing led to another, naturally.

He was just like any other man, with his primal desires, but because there was a woman in his heart, he instinctively rejected any other women who came his way.

Li Xianger, with her face closely resembling the woman in his heart, managed to break the spell.

Perhaps he chose her because he was badly needing a substitute for comfort, but from the very beginning of this relationship, which had nothing to do with glamor or romance, he had made it clear to her, in a very cold and cruel way, that theirs was a trade.

This was a deal where he needed her to satisfy him, and in return, he would pay her a handsome sum.

Otherwise, there was nothing between them.


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