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The little ones immediately welcomed their mother back the moment she reached home after the shows recording.

“‘The Desperate Shisan Niang is back!”

When Yun Shishi heard that nickname, her eyelids twitched slightly and her countenance completely darkened.

Knowing that her twins had watched the livestream of her show, she replied curtly, “Dont give me nicknames.”

The aggrieved, younger boy cried, “Im innocent, mommy! Its the host who gave you that nickname, not me.”

Upon seeing his pitiful look, she could not resist pinching his cheeks as she asked, “Is your father back home”

“Yeah! Hes in the study.”

She was greeted with the sight of her husband staring intently at the computer screen as soon as she stepped into the study.

Curiosity had her walking over, only to see him watching the replay of the program she had recorded earlier with relish.

It so happened that the video was showing the part where she was playing games; she was charging straight to her opponents camp like a bull while dressed in a cumbersomesumo costume.

Her face immediately flushed red as she moved to block the screen and told him gloomily, “Stop watching! Thats just for the variety shows sake.

Im not that rough!”

Her reply drew a smile from him as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his embrace.

“Why are you back so late The filming shouldve ended long ago.”

“Yeah, but I went to eat supper with the production crew after filming.”

“What did you eat”

“Seafood porridge.”

Something struck her mind right then, prompting her to ask, “Have you seen Weibo”

“Weibo” The term stumped him for a moment, but he soon realized what she was talking about.

“Mm, Ive seen it.”


“Its really fascinating.”

“…” She felt aggrieved.

“Dont take it the wrong way.

The woman in those photos you see on Weibo isnt me.”

She had come looking for him as soon as she got home to explain things to him, for she had left the house early in the morning in a hurry.

Too deliberate of an explanation might only make things worse, though she felt that this matter had nothing to do with her and that her man could surely tell that she was not the woman in the photos.

The rookie actress was ultimately involved in this matter along with Gu Xingze, however.

Li Xianger trying to create hype for herself might prompt the media to speculate the relationship between the lucky couple as well.

She was, thus, worried that her husband might imagine things after reading those nonsensical articles and whatnots.

Besides, she did not want to drag the superstar into their affairs and implicate him again.

Her husband had always been a vicious man.

There was no telling how he might just ban the superstar from showbiz again in a fit of anger.

Mu Yazhe grabbed her chin and placed a kiss on her fair cheek as he hummed in acknowledgment, then saying in utter tenderness, “I know.

You dont have to explain it to me.”

“I was just worried about your imagination running wild.”

She was not too concerned about this so-called scandal of hers, save for her mans feelings regarding it.

He replied, “Im not as stupid as you think.”

“Well, its all good then.” The woman heaved a sigh of relief and slumped against his chest, grumbling, “Im dead beat.

Can my dearest husband give me a shoulder massage Pretty please”

“Are your shoulders aching”

The man inevitably felt worried and heartache for his wife for a moment upon seeing her exhausted look.

He, thus, obediently raised his hands at once, placed them on her shoulders, and started massaging them gently.

The strength he used was apparently still quite harsh, for she started complaining, “Gentler, please.”


Worried that he might hurt her petite frame, he reduced the amount of force considerably.



“This spot as well.

Thats right… slightly to the left…”


“Use a little more force… Ugh.

It feels so sore…”

She ordered a certain man about freely without any qualms.


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