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“Ill check things out.”

The line was cut off the next second.

Her manager was probably off to look for his former charge to clarify the situation.

Yun Shishi let out a sigh and quietly wiped the wet mirror before taking another mouthful of the mouth rinse.


Youyou came barging into the bathroom tearfully with his phone in hand.

“Mommy, did you cheat on daddy!”


The loud movement startled her into spitting out the mouth rinse again.

Looking all disheveled, she turned to see her youngest son walking up to her sadly with his phone in hand.

“Mommy… d-did you secretly go out last night without daddys knowledge”


She shot the boy a look, only to see him wailing nonstop as he raised his phone to show her the content displayed on its screen.

“Dont tell me that you went to do script-reading with Gu Xingze at a hotel!”

The boy received a Weibo notification on his phone early this morning, notifying him of the trending post regarding his mother for he was a follower of her on Weibo.

Color drained from his face when he saw that post, and he came looking for her straightaway with his phone.

“Thats not me!” explained his mother helplessly.

“Look at the photos carefully, you silly boy; do you really think that the woman in the photos is your mother!”

He scanned the photos again before replying, “Yes, I do.”

That answer earned him a flick on the forehead.

“How could you fail to recognize your mother! Im so disappointed with you, son.”

He immediately looked down and stared at his phone screen again.

After a while, he finally exhaled and patted his chest in relief.

More tears nearly came flowing down in his emotional state.

“What a scare! Thats a mistake! Its not you in the photos! Your legs arent so short.”

“How dare you suspect your mother of having an extramarital affair!” She narrowed her eyes dangerously, which got him hugging her thighs at once as he explained, “I was wrong, mommy! Ive only just woken up, so my vision hasnt cleared up yet.”

The woman merely gave a haughty snort as she gracefully wiped her face with a towel.

“Hmph! Its useless trying to explain things now.

Guards, drag the boy away for execution.”

Youyou launched into another round of explanation while hugging his mother before suddenly commenting out of curiosity, “That woman really looks like you, though.

Did she undergo reconstructive surgery based on your looks”

“Who knows I dont care about that.”

She patted his little hands away.

“Move aside; Im going to be late.”

She then stepped out of the bathroom with the boy following closely behind her.

“Youre working today”

“Yes, my schedule is packed full for the day.”

“Ill make breakfast for you in that case.”

“Nah, Im running late.” The woman took out a sandwich from the fridge and warmed it up in the microwave while her son passed her a cup of warm milk.

“Behave yourselves while at home.

Youre not allowed to bully your older brother.

Remember to wake your father up for work.”


He watched her leave.

Moments later, Little Yichen came running out of the bedroom, likewise, with his phone in hand, only to see his twin standing at the front porch.

The two bumped into each other when the other turned around.

“Wheres mommy”

“Off to work.”

“Ah…” Looking worried, the older boy leaned over and asked tentatively, “Have you seen whats going on Weibo”


“I-Its… about…” He pushed his phone to his younger brother, who gave him a withering look upon taking a look at it.

“What do we do Surely, that woman in the photos isnt mommy”


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