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He dipped his head and, with an impassive face, kissed her on her lips.

Alas, it was not what she had been hoping for.

There was no passion in it, uninteresting and boring, much like kissing a mannequin.

Before she realized it, his kiss halted abruptly and he gently pushed her away.

Picking up his script once more, he flipped to the page which he had bookmarked and continued reading.

The woman seemed to read his mind and knew not to disturb him further.

She sat quietly beside him, leaned her head on his shoulder, and asked curiously, “Are you acting as a race car driver in this new show”


“I heard that you have a personal interest in racing, so your driving skills should be good.”

The superstar merely flipped another page without replying to her.

His unresponsiveness disappointed the lady as she furrowed her brows momentarily.

Inwardly, she could sense that their fling would be coming to an end after tonight.

She got to know him at a private party.

Back then, the pub was crowded and noisy.

Men and women were seen indulging in hedonism except for him.

He was sitting quietly at a corner, neither drinking nor joining in the clamor.

The whole time, he was looking at the stage with a deadpan expression.

She was a fresh model then, and when her company realized how much she looked like the protagonist, she was fixed up by a reconstruction surgeon to increase her likeness to the actress.

Hence, she got his attention almost immediately at the party.

He was her idol and her first, but at the end of the day, it was just a passion of futility.

She embraced him sans reservation or regret, but at the end of the day, she was only a substitute.

What he sought in her was a reflection of another woman.

That woman was probably Yun Shishi, right

She had watched their movie, and, somehow, she could feel that the actor was not just acting; he was expressing his real feelings in the show.

One could bluff their way through acting, but nobody could lie with their eyes.

There were no excessive flatteries; his feelings for the actress were so deep that they could penetrate through a persons soul.

She was beyond envy.

On several occasions, he would cup her face with his hands and stare at her, but his eyes seemed to look past her, seeking the shadow of another woman.

She knew that she was just a stand-in, but she could not help sinking deeply into this relationship.

They came together to satisfy each others needs in the first place.

She needed his influence, whereas he sought comfort from her.

It was clear to her that the man was very lonely.

He was like a sick man who had suppressed his needs, biologically and psychologically, for far too long.

Still, no matter how difficult it was to control her feelings, she knew that she had to keep them in check.

He had already told her, from the start, not to get too serious with their fling.

They were merely together to satisfy each others needs.

Deep inside, she knew that he felt nothing for her.

She could tell from his emotionless kiss, one which was full of dejection and disappointment, that their short-lived tryst had run its full course.

All the way up until midnight, he was studying his script relentlessly.

It was as if he was trying to relieve the pain in his heart by throwing his full attention onto the document in his hands.

The girl knew everything would end after this.

She was not a difficult person; on the contrary, she was so good-natured that it was unbelievable.

In reality, her heart knew very well that there was nothing she could do to have what she wanted.


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