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Alice, then, had gone on to comment casually, “Say, for example, you suffer a serious injury or some cancerous cells happen to invade your entire body, I can separate your head from your body to transplant it onto another suitable one.”

The man clenched his throat when he heard her spine-chilling description.

“Forget it!”

There was no other younger member than Alice in the team.

She went up to the man and gave him a gentle hug.

“Second master, I heard that you want to entrust someone to our care”

He nodded.

While on the way to the observation center, Yun Yecheng was given a tranquilizer onboard the plane and was in a drowsy state ever since.

Alice circled the old man on the trolley once and flung the white sheet off him suddenly.

After putting on a pair of sterile gloves, she unbuttoned his clothes to study his injuries again.

“Hm… Its concentrated sulfuric acid.”


“He was seriously burned on the upper torso.”

Gong Jie explained, “The sulfuric acid was splashed on him headlong, so you can say that no skin was left untouched.”

The woman retorted casually, “Well, at least, the face is completely destroyed.”

“Is there any hope for him” asked the man nervously.

The lady gave him a glance, shrugged her shoulders, and threw an innocent question back at him, instead.

“Isnt he still alive now”

“The doctor back in my country told us that hes not completely out of danger yet.”

The lady smiled graciously and replied offhandedly, “If youre asking if hes still alive, then my answer to you is: As long as theres still a breath left in him, I can keep him alive.”

“His larynx and many functional organs have been destroyed; can you do anything about that” asked the man again.

“Yes! We can try to do something about that.”

“Are you able to recover these functions for him”

“You mean to let him talk again”

“Thats right.”

The lady mulled for a while before saying, “If you give me sufficient time, I can heal his damaged organs with gene-regeneration.”

This put the man at ease finally.

However, as he watched the lady examining the old man with extraordinary interest, he could tell, there and then, what was on her mind as glints of serious ambition surfaced in her peepers.

Is she going to use him as a guinea pig

“Im thinking of doing a head transplant operation recently.”

The man was struck speechless.

The lady looked past her shoulder and asked, “Can I use him for my experiment”

“You cant, ” he answered resolutely.

“Why not” She was puzzled.

To her, the old man was unquestionably a wreck.

The crucial point was, she no longer held interest in performing surgeries, which she had long gotten tired of.

Reconstructing functional organs was something very simple, and she was sick of it at this point.

Head transplantation, on the other hand, was something she was eager to try.

Although some risks would be involved, look, would this not be a fantastic opportunity being presented to her now

Gong Jie quickly replied, “Hes… someone very important to me.

You cant use him as a guinea pig!”

“Who is he to you”

“Hes my…” The young man did not know how to explain their relationship.

Can I tell her upfront that hes my sisters adoptive father

This answer would be too abrupt for Alice.

Thus, the only explanation he could provide was: “No matter what, you arent allowed to touch him for your experiments.

Cure him, or at the very least, alleviate his suffering.

Can you restore his facial features”

“Theres a fifty percent possibility for that.”

“Fifty percent”

“Its simple enough to do a skin transplant, but we arent a beauty salon here, so we cant promise that we can restore his former looks.

Thats why I give it fifty percent.”


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