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Chapter 2431: Retribution

Lu Jingtians mother replied, “The police initially suspected that the crime was committed by someone she knew, so they focused their search on the two girlfriends who were meeting Jingtian for drinks at the bar, but the one thing discovered through repeated comparisons of surveillance footage is that Jinglian and the killer are clearly not familiar with each other or may even be considered as strangers.

If its a stranger, then this becomes tricky.”

Yun Shishi could not see the probability of them being strangers, though.

“If theyre strangers, why did the culprit pick her out of all people”

The older woman gasped.

“Dont tell me the culprit is a sociopath”

“How could there be so many with antisocial personality disorder around”

The actress retorted, “I think the possibility is real.

I believe this is a homicide rather than a simple case of assault.

Perhaps, the criminal wasnt out to get rid of her but only wanted her to suffer.”

After listening to Yun Shishis analysis, Lu Jingtians mother could not help drawing in a sharp breath and clasping a palm over her lips.

Looking at the actress with her eyes full of fear, she shook her head in disbelief.

“How could there be such cruel people in the world How could someone do such a hurtful thing without batting an eyelid”

The young lady pursed her lips and did not comment further.

Up to this stage, she could guess who was behind all these.

—Yun Na.

If, indeed, the criminal had acted with the intention of inflicting pain on Lu Jingtian, then there must be a very deep and insurmountable grudge between the two.

If she correlated the case of Lu Jingtian with her fathers, then she could only think of her adoptive sister.

The reason was simple: The series of mishaps were too coincidental to be true.

The reason the police did not suspect Yun Na was, one, she had been listed as a missing person and, two, they did not know that she had a major conflict with Lu Jingtian.

Otherwise, they would have surely suspected her sister.

She kept quiet for a long time before coming up with a sudden question.

“Can I go in to look at her”

The mother bit her lower lip before nodding her head.

“Yes, you can, but she just woke up and is emotionally unstable, so please dont disturb her.

Shes easily frightened now… so Im afraid of her turning hysterical.”

Yun Shishi pushed open the door and walked in slowly.

Lu Jingtian was lying quietly on the bed.

She was unable to close her eyes, and her bulging orbs, which kept compulsively wide open, were especially hideous-looking.

The victims burned area was so extensive that even the actress could not bear to linger her eyes on the former for too long.

A human life was fragile, and mans only weapon was a superior intellect that transcended all things.

However, the skin that wrapped the human body could be so vulnerable.

She stood quietly on the spot and looked at the victim for a long, long time.

She had a couple of problems with Lu Jingtian in the past; hence, the police had called her a while ago tointerrogate her.

After providing them an alibi, they presumably erased her name from the list of suspects and did not contact her again.

The Lu missy should have offended a number of people with her character.

The actress was not too sympathetic toward her counterpart on the bed, though she did find the latter somewhat pitiful.

There would be a source of origin for all evils; all hatred stemmed from something and not untraceable.

If Lu Jingtian had not done such a cruel thing to Yun Na at the start, where the former disfigured the latters face with an eyebrow shaving knife, her adoptive sister would not have harbored a deep-seated hatred for this missy in bed.

After all, her adoptive sisters looks were destroyed by this missy personally.


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