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“Who knows!”

The mention of the culprit only made the man even madder, and he gnashed his teeth with his eyes shining murderously.

“A sociopath like that ought to be executed! Itll be a mistake to keep that person alive!”

The woman continued her wailing.

“Tiantian woke up last night, but she was unable to talk.

Her eyes look so dull and vacant! I think she knows that she has been thoroughly disfigured! You know how vain she used to be! If she sees for herself how she looks now… Im afraid that shell kill herself! What should we do!”

The man was equally troubled by the thought and unconsciously took out his cigarette pack for a stick.

Just as he was about to light it up, he seemed to recall that he was in a hospital and had to put the stick back into the case reluctantly.

The woman beside him continued to sob.

“The doctor said that it would take a miracle for her to speak again! My heart died when I heard that! If speaking is gonna take a miracle, can you imagine the misery she has to live with for the rest of her life”

“Yesterday, the police came thrice to check with the doctor and see if she could talk! The authority suspects foul play, but theres not enough evidence to suggest that another person was with her at the scene when it happened; they were unable to even find a fingerprint! The surveillance footage was unable to provide clear images as well.

If she is unable to talk, then it looks like this case will turn cold,” explained the man with much frustration.

“Who did this!” the woman verbalized angrily through gritted teeth.

Yun Shishi walked over to peer into the hospital room through the window.

She could see a figure lying quietly on the bed.

It was hard to make out the form on the bed if not for the slight heaving movement observed on the being.

This was the first time the actress had taken a careful look at her co-workers drastic condition after the fire.

Lu Jingtian looked charred from head to toe, no skin area was spared apparently.

Her face was covered with some white-colored cream, and there was no way for the protagonist to make out her facial features.

What the latter could vaguely see was the formers eyes staring vacuously up at the ceiling.

Similar to Yun Yecheng, her eyelids were brunt and could hardly close.

However, compared to her injuries, his was slightly better, with a smaller burned surface area.

It looked like the missys life had been destroyed by this tragedy.

The actress was not particularly sympathetic toward the victim, but she definitely did not feel good about this event.

It would be difficult for anyone with such terrible injuries to find the will to live on, unless the person had the support of her loved ones.

Her husband immediately attracted some attention when the man went over to join her.

Lu Jingtians father looked up and was stunned to see his former boss appearing at the same place as him.

“Chairman Mu…”

As one of the management leaders at Huanyu Entertainment, he was no stranger to the young man, naturally.

Mu Yazhe looked toward the hospital room and asked quietly, “Hows your daughter now”

The other man answered in jittery, “Shes not looking good.

According to the doctor, the burned area is large.

Although they managed to save her life, her condition still needs close observation.”

The middle-aged mans wife inched close to him and whispered cautiously, “Who is this”

“Its Chairman Mu, Huanyus boss,” he whispered back.

“Ah… I see.” Lu Jingtians mother was taken aback momentarily but quickly forced a smile with some difficulty as she greeted the young man.

“Chairman Mu!”

“I saw the news.” Mu Yazhe paused, then added, “Is there any further development in the case”

Their faces turned crestfallen and shook their heads at the same time.


The middle-aged man sighed in disappointment.

“I dont even know if well be able to bring the culprit to justice!”


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