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Chapter 2419: Youyou, you look suspicious!

Gong Jie suddenly thought of something and led his sister to the balcony by the hand.

“I have an idea.”


“Ill bring your father back to the Gongs.”

Yun Shishi was stunned.

“Your family”

He replied with great confidence, “They have the worlds top medical facility that no one entity can match up to.

If I bring him back with me, I dare to promise that hell receive no less than the best treatment ever.

Hes also likely to recover his speech, too.”

“Really” His sister was still hesitant.

“Of course!” The man pondered for a second before continuing.

“We had a man who was injured by a grenade some time ago.

The doctor at a local hospital told us that they would be unable to keep his legs so we had to send him to the Gongs medical base.

In less than a month, the man could attempt to walk and then made full recovery half a year later.

This was considered a miracle by the standard of medical care around the world.”

“Can they really help my father get well”

He shook his head.

“I cant confirm the extent at which he can get better, but at the very least, the medical facility over there will be twice as good as here.

Plus, I can guarantee his safety if hes with the Gongs!”

His sister was persuaded then.

“If its possible, then lets get him to be treated at your familys medical facility.”

He agreed.

“Let me make some arrangements.

Tomorrow, Ill get an airplane to send your father over there.”

“Do we have to do it so soon”

“With your father in this condition, the faster we act, the more optimistic his recovery will be, naturally.

I dont have the confidence regarding his recovery if we are to delay further.”

The woman mulled over this decision for a very long time before she slowly nodded in agreement.

Gong Jie took out his satellite phone and told his sister, “Then, Ill make the arrangement now.”


Yun Shishi caught hold of his hand suddenly.

He lifted a brow at her quizzically, only to hear her ask him with some hesitation, “Can you tell me what kind of people are the Gongs”

He was stunned for a while and knitted his brows at the question.

Slowly, the creases on his forehead loosened, and he asked her gently, “Sis, do you really want to know”

“Yes, of course! This has something to do with you, so I naturally want to know more about them!”

The man chuckled unexpectedly, stroked her head, and comforted, “Ill tell you since you wanna listen, but lets settle your fathers affair for now; Ill talk to you more next time when I have the opportunity.”


He laughed and flicked her forehead without warning.

As he leaned his forehead on hers, he asked softly, “Have you heard of Hurricane Group”

“Hurricane Group”

“Yes!” affirmed the man, then he added, “The Gong family is behind that organization.”

Hurricane Group…

As the siblings returned to the ward, the woman was still pondering over his words.

Gong Jie walked up to his brother-in-law and related their discussion to him.

“Is the Gongs medical facility really that great” Mu Yazhe was not entirely convinced.

“Of course!” He cocked his brow defiantly at the other man.

“Our familys medical technology is something that the Mu family cant match.”

The other mans face sank at his taunting.

When Youyou was told that his uncle would bring his grandfather back to the Gongs for treatment, the boy slapped his forehead with a start and muttered, “Why didnt I think of that! Surely, the Gongs will be able to provide grandfather with the care that he needs.”

His mother looked at him with surprise.

“Do you know that family as well”


The boy bit his lower lip in self-admonition.

Oh, no…

I had a slip of the tongue!

His queer reaction only got his mother more suspicious.

“Youyou, you look very suspicious!”


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