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The woman gave a snort before following the assistant.

The store clerk took out a few selections shortly after.

It was worth mentioning that even the puny store clerks at this bridal salon had excellent taste.

The missy was rather happy with the recommendations given by the girl and nodded in agreement when she was asked to give them a try.

The sales assistant then brought the lady to the dressing room.

Yun Shishi was up early today.

After her husband returned home from his routine meetings, earlier than usual, they set off to try the wedding gowns.

Their two sons were up early as well and clamored to tag along.

The four drove to Queenstown Bridal Salon.

After the man parked the car, the two adults each held one of their kids and stepped into the shop.

A few store clerks, who astutely came forward to greet the four enthusiastically the moment they stepped in, were taken aback when they saw the couple!


The man is just too good-looking! Hes more handsome and eye-catching than those idols on TV!

The bride is so fortunate to be marrying such a man!

The girls were equally stunned to see the woman standing next to him.

They knew her face well.

Isnt this lady the actress whos been very popular lately

Shes the female lead inThe Green Apple!

Dont tell me… shes the partner of this handsome man

Wow, this is gossip material!

One thing worth noting, though, was that this bridal salon had no lack of prominent clients; thus, it held a strict code of privacy and confidentiality when it came to its customers.

“How are you, sir Do you have an appointment with us Whats your surname, please”

“My family name is Mu.

Ive already arranged for an appointment today.”

“Are you, Mr.


The store clerk was shocked to learn of his identity.

All the employees were well aware of thisMr.


Their headquarters had sent over a dozen dresses a few days ago.

Each piece was a creation by the top ten bridal designers in the world!

They could tell that thisMr.

Mu had spent a fortune to tailor-made a dozen dresses from top designers at one go!

This was extravagant and truly magnanimous!

They were guessing that this man loved his fiancée very much to splurge on her.

Everyone was envious of the mysterious bride-to-be.

It was only now that they came to realize who his bride was!

“Welcome, Mr.

Mu! Your specially ordered dresses are already with us.

Do you want to try them on now”

“Theres no hurry.”

The man waved his arm impassively.

Turning his head to look at his wife, his face turned soft and gentle as he asked, “Do you want to have a look first You can pick a few designs that catch your fancy.”

He decided to have more than a dozen dresses custom-made from a handful of different designers because he wanted her to have options in case she was fussy over the design.

There should be something that interested her from the dozen dresses in different styles.

The woman broke into a chuckle when she heard that.

“A dozen dresses Why are there so many”

“Im worried that none may catch your fancy.

A dozen of these dresses should give you sufficient options to choose from.”

The few employees were turning green with envy as they observed the loving exchange between the two.


Mu is a classic wife-slave!

The gentleman was aloof, albeit polite, when he talked to them, but his attitude changed once his attention was on his pretty wife.

The man was extremely attentive and caring when it came to her.

His eyes, especially, shone with loving indulgence as he looked at her.

This was too enviable to be true!


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