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“Continue with your work then.

Ill give Qin Zhou a call and apply for leave.”

With that, the woman left the study, humming away like a chirpy, little bird.

As Mu Yazhe watched his wife leave, he could not help but smile while lifting his hand to caress the spot where her lingering warmth remained on his face.

That smile, though, soon faded and he assumed his usual stoic expression.

After sipping on his coffee, he turned his attention back onto the computer screen.

The little twins pushed open the study door right at that moment, popping their heads in as they asked out of curiosity, “Daddy, we heard that you and mommy will be selecting her bridal gown tomorrow.”

He arched a brow.


What about it”

“I wanna go, too! I wanna go, too!”

Little Yichen raised his arm excitedly.

His twin looked at him in disdain.

“What are you clamoring about”

He answered all matter-of-factly, “I want to select a pretty bridal gown for mommy!”

“Fancy you dreaming of picking out a bridal gown for mommy with that aesthetic taste of yours!”

The other showed disdain for him once more.

“Your taste isnt reliable!”

With hands clutching his sore chest, he cried tearlessly, “Youyou, are you expressing doubt on my taste!”

“You dont have an eye for fashion.”


The younger lad suddenly proudly declared, “Leave the sacred mission of choosing mommys bridal gown to me! Ill go with mommy to select her gown while you stay at home and mop the floor clean.”

He wailed when he heard that.

“No! Thats unfair! How can you guys bear to leave me alone at home to do menial household chores while you all go out to play”

Their father shot them a fierce look.

“Quit squabbling and go back to your bedroom to sleep!”


The twins sullenly hummed a reply of acknowledgment before closing the door.

Back in their bedroom, the boys tossed and turned on their beds but just could not fall asleep.


“What kind of bridal gowns do you think suits mommy”

In the darkness, the younger twin slowly opened his eyes and lifted a brow.

“Mommy has a fantastic figure, so shell look good in anything she wears.”

“Still, there must be a style that fits and looks best on her!”

He had done his fair share of research previously and, thus, had learned about the various types of bridal gowns.

The mermaid gown, for example, was made with satin, organza, and lace—materials that perfectly brought out the elegance and classiness that was unique to such a type of dress.

The thing was that ones figure played a very important role when wearing this type of gown.

One would look regal and stunning in it if she had a lithe and graceful figure.

He, however, had full confidence in his mothers figure and had no doubts that she could perfectly pull off that type of gown.

Other than the mermaid gown, there was the more classic princess gown, which had a strapless, sweetheart design.

This particular gown flaunted off ones beautiful shoulder and necklines.

Nonetheless, he preferred the A-line gown, which was elegant, mesmerizing, and subtle.

This gorgeous, socialite-style gown with its pared-down skirt was a more suitable and flattering choice for his mother with her tall and slim figure.

“Ball gowns, the most classic type of wedding dress, arent bad, either.

Mermaid gowns with deep V necklines look good, too.

Im sure mommy will appear dazzling in it.”

“How many designs did daddy ask the designer to come up with”

“I heard that there are at least a dozen designs.

Its more than enough for us to choose from!”

“We shouldnt think about it anymore.

We need to sleep early to wake up early tomorrow!”

He retorted, “Well, then stop making noise and off to dreamland you go.”

His older brother stuck his tongue out at him before hugging him and closing his eyes.

“Good night, Youyou!”


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