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Chapter 2392: You win!

An image of him, donning yellow robes and sporting a bald head, kneeling in a temple while hitting the wooden fish[1] with an ashen face full of resentment and devastation suddenly appeared in his mind.

The very thought of it sent him involuntarily stifling a shudder once more and crying, “No! You cant be so cruel to me, Chairman Mu!”

Isnt it just a haircut

Is there a need for him to come all the way here and exert pressure on me over this matter

The managers regretful feelings were written all over his face.

“You shouldnt be so cruel to me, too,” retorted the other man.

“This is my order.

Youre not allowed to go against it.”

The star agents eyelids twitched hard before he suddenly started snickering when he recalled a certain matter.

He smugly said, “You have no right to give me orders now.”


Mu Yazhe shifted his gaze to him, looking baffled.

“Youre no longer Huanyus boss, so this means that youre no longer my boss!” explained the ace manager before smugly adding, “It also means that you cant make me follow your order!”


This time, it was the young chiefs turn to be rendered dumbstruck.

He could not help but clench his fists tightly and glare at Qin Zhou when he noticed him looking as pleased as punch.

A wicked smile crept up the agents face as he said, “I, as Shishis manager, have the duty to fulfill the production teams request! Besides, Ive already straightened out her thoughts; her hair will be cut up to ear level and will grow out in a few months time, so you dont have to worry about this matter, Chairman Mu.

Isnt it better that you turn your attention to your companys affairs, instead”

“Oh, is that so”

A sly smirk appeared on Mu Yazhes face as he regarded the other meaningfully before picking up the cup of black tea and sipping the beverage.

He then smilingly said, “You win, Qin Zhou.”

At that, he politely replied, “Im flattered.”

After bidding his ex-boss goodbye, the manager secretly made a victory pose.

That felt fantastic!

When the man used to be the Mu Groups chairman and Huanyus big boss, he was like a huge mountain weighing on his head.

With Mu Yazhe no longer being his superior, he had managed to get back at him for once, so how could he possibly not feel overjoyed

The manager was practically grinning from ear to ear as he made his way back to his car.

Alas, that smile was short-lived.

Ever since Shengyu became a listed company, its financial wealth had been steadily growing and had even undergone another round of financing in that same week.

In contrast, the Mu Group was in a difficult situation.

With many shareholders withdrawing their investments and selling off the company shares, Disheng Financial Group soon experienced a shortage of funds, resulting in many projects to be put on hold.

As such, the company was suffering greatly from the daily loss of tens of millions of yuan.

In their desperation, the shareholders of the once-glorious Disheng empire were forced to consider selling off their shares in certain industries, and that included Huanyu.

Meanwhile, Shengyu had been madly buying the entertainment companys shares for these past two days.

With their strong financial means, as well as swift and abrupt momentum, they had successfully acquired fifty percent of the showbiz companys shares.

It was clear that they were out to acquire Huanyu Entertainment forcibly!

Even though Mu Linfeng felt sore and indignant, holding onto Huanyu was not a wise move given the Mu Groups current situation.

Thus, he could only choose to make a concession and forsake that subsidiary company in consideration of the bigger picture.

[1] Wooden fish is a wooden percussion instrument, which monks often use during the recitation of sutras, mantras, or other Buddhist texts.


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