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“Artificial insemination!”

The middle-aged woman was taken aback by this revelation.

Her nephew nodded wryly and continued with a woeful expression.

“You can speak to Second Uncle regarding this matter.

He has already sent someone to investigate her pregnancy! I believe it wont take long for us to find out the full story!”

Mu Shumin knitted her brows in surprise.

“Why did she do this and why did it have to be you of all people! I was told that shes bent on Mu Yazhe, so why did she end up with your baby, instead!”

Mu Yancheng was equally clueless as his aunt.

“Heh… I dont have the answer, either! Who knows whats going on in her head I was never wary of her and didnt expect her to turn around and bit me like this!”

His aunt was piqued.

“Oh, why did you say that What happened Tell me everything!”

“I met her at a bar that day…” The young man briefly went about his encounter that night.

The expression on his aunts face went through a myriad of changes as she listened to his narration, and by the time he finished his story, she was already holding a look of absolute shock!

“How could she do such a despicable thing to you! Hmph, and to think that her mother went along with her act! Jiang Qimeng is no better than her low-down daughter! How did the Songs discipline the women in their household! Is Song Zhengguo aware of this”

“Im not sure.” Her nephew thought for a while.

“All in all, youve got to believe me, aunt; I didnt touch that woman at all! Ive had numerous flings out there, but I know where to draw the line! I would never touch a woman whos off-limit! I cant afford to mess around with the Songs.

Her father, whos the mayor here, will skin me alive if I do that!”

“If this is true, then, we cant keep the baby!” His aunt told him solemnly after mulling.

“Why did you say that”

“A conniving woman like her will turn our household upside down if she successfully marries into our family! Our family is already complex enough without having another woman to stir sh*t! You have to marry a woman whom you can easily control.

Im afraid Song Enya is too manipulative for you!”

Mu Yancheng begged to differ with a snort.

“Theres no woman whom I cant tame!”

“Thats because you havent had a taste of defeat in a womans hands! He he! Dont look down on the female species.”

The chap went quiet for a while before something seemed to strike him.

“Aunt, do you know the recent listing of Shengyu Financial Group in New York”

The older womans face turned sour the moment she heard the question.

“The mention of this made my blood boil! Mu Yazhe, that b*st*rd! No wonder he was so easy with the decision to relinquish his position in the Mu Group.

Its as if what we have is a pile of rubbish in his eyes! I questioned his intention at first; why would a man turn away from power and fortune for a woman Who wouldve expected that he already built his own empire behind our backs using our resources! Your uncle was so furious that he almost suffered a stroke recently! That rascal is too unscrupulous! Hes out to bring down and swallow the Mu Group, making us his lackeys!”


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