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Chapter 173: Unexpected

When the rumors spread that Yang Shoucheng had a backing to the underground society it sounds so unreal.

But, the more she recalled Yang Shoucheng’s cold words, the more Yun Na’s body tremble!

Yun Na who didn’t even tried to organized her clothes just run towards the door.

But, when she got out, she bumps to Yang Mi, Hanyu Yan, and Lu Jingtian.


Tonight is the Universal Entertainment Company’s cocktail party.

And because her father is one of the company’s shareholder, she naturally won’t miss the chance to take over her father’s VIP seat.

However, when she arrived at the venue, she didn’t expect that some newcomer would take her limelight and she would inevitably lose.

So, Yang Mi tried to come to this lounge with Li Jiuxian and the other to have a little break.


But, who would have thought that in the elevator, these popular people would be inside And Yun Na unexpectedly encounters them.

At that moment, Yun Na’s body got frozen stiff.

She wanted to leave this place quietly, but unexpectedly she met them in her most embarrassing and shameful state.

Right now, she was a total mess.

Her clothes were disheveled, her body was full of ambiguous trace and the beautiful makeup on her face earlier is now gone.

And this pathetic appearance that she currently has was exposed in the eyes of these people.

So, Yun Na felt extremely embarrassed.

Yang Mi looked at her disdainfully and then grunted.

While Li Jiuxian who is standing beside Yang Mi couldn’t help but frown his eyebrows.

However, Tang Yu couldn’t keep her mouth shut like them, so she said: “What a worthless child! Your parents should be very ashamed of you!”

Lu Jingtian’s sweet eyes look at her with full of disgust.

And also ridiculed her: “Maybe she was brought out by a crazy mother!”

This woman is a thief, she stole someone else dress just to attend the party and mix herself to fish some influential man or gold master.

And if Gu Xingze didn’t expose her lies, then he’s afraid that she might have climbed some big man’s bed already!

When Yun Na heard all their words, she could only bite her lips in shame.

Her face looks pathetic but charming.

And if they still don’t know who she really is, then they might couldn’t bear to abandon her.

However, now that they know her true face they wouldn’t fall on her tricks anymore.

Earlier, Li Jiuxian really cares about her, but now, his face exposed his disgust.

As if his mouth suddenly swallowed a fly.

When Yun Na sees his reaction, she felt wronged.

And she couldn’t help but cursed Yang Mi inside her heart.

She couldn’t even wait to pull out Yang Mi’s tongue if she could have too!

“It’s really not like that… … Yun Shishi just made up that story! She was lying… …”

Yun Na covers up her face and cry.

She looks very pitiful and doesn’t seem like she’s acting.

However, Yang Mi only sneered and asked: “If it’s really not like that, then what”

Yun Na continues crying and said: “I didn’t really steal her dress, she gave me it to me.

She said that she doesn’t like that dress, so she gave it.

But, I didn’t expect that she only gave it to me because she wanted to frame me.

So, I… …It’s clear that I only jumped into the Yellow River!”

When Yang Mi heard her, she frowned and turned silent for a moment because she doesn’t know what to think.

However, Hanyu Yan who was standing on the side, suddenly ask: “Is what you’re saying is true”

“Yes! Because if not, I wouldn’t even dare to go to this party with Director He… …”

When Yun Na mentioned He Lingxiang’s name, they couldn’t help but sneer again.

Apparently, no one in entertainment circle doesn’t know He Lingxiang’s unscrupulous activity.  So whenever he is related to anyone, that someone’s image will greatly reduce.

Yun Na acted felt wronged again and cry.

Her tears are like pearls that rolled from her cheeks.

Then, she said: “It’s true, you shouldn’t believe Yun Shishi’s words!”


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