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The people on the dance floor were freely waving their hands around and twisting their bodies as they danced to the music.

The DJ put on his headphones and started working on the turntables, manipulating the sounds to bring the bars atmosphere to the peak with his music.

“Save me! Arghhhhh! Im burning… Its so hot… Its so hot!”

Lu Jingtians cries for help were all in vain as they were easily drowned out by the hodgepodge of reverberating music and sonorous chattering inside the club.

Fear and despair consumed her as she rolled about the floor.

That did not help in extinguishing the fire on her, though.

The fire had burned her clothes and was starting to burn her skin away.

The smell of burnt skin wafted in the air.


Whos going to save me!

She cried and screamed for help as she rolled here and there in a bid to put out the flames.

Alas, in her carelessness, she accidentally rolled down the stairs from the second floor.

The strange tumbling sound soon attracted the attention of several people nearby.

Those who were sitting nearer the stairs quickly noticed the strange occurrence, and when they looked over, they were appalled to see the appalling scene!

“Fire! Fire!”

Nobody knew what that huge lump of fire was—at least, not until someone with keen eyes cried in alarm, “Thats a person whos on fire!”

“Ah! Im seeing the person, too! Whats on fire is a lady! Help! Quickly get some water here!”

By now, the actress was fully engulfed in fire.

Like a ball of flames, she rolled down the stairs and passed out when her head repeatedly hit the steps.

The burning pain, however, soon woke her up again, and she started desperately howling for help.

“Ungh… h-help… Save me, please!”

No one responded to her pleas for help, alas.

The bars ambience was currently at its peak.

The scene on this end did not garner much of the peoples attention, and no one responded to the mans yells for someone to get water.

The majority of the people here were so intoxicated by the alcohol and the blaring, rhythmic music that they failed to hear any cries and yells at all.

It was not until the fire had grown so big that it started burning the wooden walls and the smoke had spread to cover the place that more and more people noticed it.


“The pubs on fire! Hurry and make your escape!”

When the DJ standing on the platform saw this scene, he quickly cut off the music and called for the bars manager through his headset.

The manager rushed over and, putting on a calm facade, immediately evacuated the crowd.

Some of the customers, who were in a more sober state, got so frightened by the fiery fire that they fled straight for the exit.

The bar was in a state of chaos for a moment.

The crowd swarmed toward the exit like a retreating tide.

Ten minutes later, the bar manager brought a foam fire extinguisher over and tried extinguishing the fire.

Alas, due to it being too old and lacking maintenance, the bolts were all rusty, making it hard to pull open.

“Quickly get some water over!”

“Call the police and the ambulance!”

The police arrived at the scene some ten minutes later.

By then, the fire had been extinguished and the crowd had been evacuated, leaving behind a relatively empty bar with the staff standing three meters away from the fire spot.

They were all looking at the charred person lying at the corner of the stairwell, but none dared to get any closer to her.

As soon as the police arrived, they took charge of the situation and went over to check on the actresss condition.

She was still breathing and had merely lost her consciousness.

The police officer looked up and asked, “Have you called for an ambulance”


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