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Chapter 171: She will fall in love with me

“I don’t know why the usual calm Gu Xingze will lose his manner just because of a woman

Gu Xingze was livid: “Manner President Mu, didn’t you also lose your manner that why you use such mean to get a woman So, do you really know the meaning of the word manner”

Mu Yazhe’s eyes sank and coldly give him a warning: “I am a businessman.

So, whatever I want, I can get it.

Likewise, she is my woman so I won’t allow anyone to take her.”

With his domineering declaration for Yun Shishi, Gu Xingze’s body froze for a moment.

He suddenly understood why he was so cruel to Yun Shishi before.

This man has always been ambitious.

So, whatever he fancied, he will take it no matter what.

And when he saw Yun Shishi was with him, he thought that he was taking her.


At the EMPRESS Shop, he forced her to take off the red dress not because he doesn’t want her to look beautiful but because she will go with another man.

And when Yun Shishi entered the reception area, he saw all the men in the venue looked at her because she was so beautiful and their eyes started burning with desires.

However, at that time, he also saw the longing and dependence in Yun Shishi’s eyes for Gu Xingze.

And as a man with a keen sense of smell, he clearly understood that if he doesn’t stop her from getting close to him now.

Then, he will never have a chance.

So, he started taking off her wings, even if she could no longer do anything.

At least now, he could imprison her with his arms and stop anyone from approaching her.

He is also willing to give her the love that she wants, but in exchange, she cannot go to someone else’s arms other than him.


“Your woman” Gu Xingze’s looked at him with ridiculing eyes: “Isn’t that supposed to be the woman called Mu Wanrou”

“Oh, you don’t know Mu Yazhe’s lips curved into a smile and then said: “Her existence is not essential to me.”

“Not essential” Gu Xingze’s eyes flashed with a trace full of doubt.

There were only a few rumors about Mu Yazhe.

So, that’s what they only knew about him.

They said that Mu Yazhe has a childhood fiancee and they were engaged ever since they were young and now they had a child.

But, there were rumors that Mu Wanrou is infertile and it’s congenital, so even famous doctors could only shake their head.

So rumors started spreading that their son came from surrogacy.

Gu Xingze suddenly took a deep breath and think… …

Surrogacy… …

Mu Yazhe stared at him and then suddenly, cruel words escape from his mouth: “Yun Shishi is Little Yichen’s biological mother.”

“… …” Gu Xingze stared back at him with horrified and dubious looking face.

But, Mu Yazhe just casually asked him: “So, I think there’s nothing wrong with keeping my son’s mother, right”

Gu Xingze was so shocked, so he carefully tried to analyze.

Before, he saw a little boy around Yun Shishi.

And if his memory is correct, then that little boy looks exactly the same with Little Yichen.

If that’s how it really is, then everything makes sense.

Yun Shishi was hired by Mu Family to be a surrogate mother

But, why will she do that

What does that mean

What is her past that he doesn’t know

Gu Xingze lifts up his face and looked at him, then said: “Feelings shouldn’t be forced.

She will never fall in love with you!”

“She will.” Mu Yazhe lift up his face and said with full of determination tone: “She will fall in love with me.”

Mu Yazhe’s words sound cold and oppressive, which is a natural quality for a very influential businessman.

But, his self-confidence and calmness are extremely unique. 

Such courage is not just for anyone.

After Mu Yazhe said those words, he started walking away.

Leaving Gu Xingze in a daze and stuck in that place… …


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