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Chapter 2345: An Eye for an Eye


He was unable to speak, much less nod or shake his head.

All he could do was gently bent his finger to express his agreement.

The actress wanted to ask him more questions but could only hold them back for now when the nurse at the side reminded her that the patient needed to rest and recuperate so she should not bombard him with questions.

She had her doubts about the truth of the incident.


It doesnt seem that way by the looks of the crime scene.

In fact, it appears more like an act of vengeance.

However, as her father gave her such an answer, and with her unable to continue the questioning, she could only wait to ask him more about it once his condition improved a bit more.

Her fathers condition gradually stabilized over the following days.

With four to five nurses taking turns to look after him, she decided to free up some time and make a trip to Huanyu.

Alas, she did not expect herself to bump into someone whom she did not wish to meet upon her arrival at the company.

“Yun Shishi!”

Lu Jingtian had just stepped out of Ji Lins office when she spotted the other woman, who happened to be seeking the man as well, much to her surprise.

A smirk appeared on her face.

“Its been a long time since we last met! I see that youre glowing from your success during the period that I was away!”

She flashed the irksome actress a bland smile.

“So what are you trying to say”

“Oh, nothing much!”

Despite having not met each other for quite some time, the socialite was just as arrogant and indifferent toward her as ever, though her attitude toward her had slightly improved compared to before.

“Ive just returned from abroad; Producer Ji called me over to arrange my work schedule.”

Due to negative scandals about her circulating around previously, the socialite flew over to the US to lie low until the fuss died down; she underwent cosmetic surgery while she was at it.

She had recovered well after a few months.

Now, with her upgraded looks, she appeared more like a celebrity.

Even though she was considered quite pretty in the past, she paled in comparison to the other hot starlets and A-listers in the looks department.

Hence, she seized the chance to reconstruct her face abroad while lying low.

The rookie actress paid her no heed, though, and just headed straight toward Producer Jis office.

Just as they brushed shoulders with each other, she suddenly mocked the other smugly.

“I heard that Brother Mu had given up his position as the family head.

As a note of warning, you should keep a low-profile if you want to keep working in this industry.

Now that you dont have the powerful Mu family to fall back on, youll surely die a horrible death if you continue acting so obnoxiously like before!”

Huanyu Entertainment was a subsidiary company of the Mu Group.

Since Mu Yazhe was no longer leading the Mu family, he was of course no longer Huanyus biggest boss.

Without the backing of that prestigious family, she naturally did not fear this rookie actress anymore.

However, Yun Shishi merely laughed as she said, “Noted, and right back at you.”

The other woman was baffled by her response.

“What do you mean by that”

She airily replied, “Even if I have no one backing me up, youre not my match.”

“Hah! Ive just received a new role as the main lead of a new film,” retorted the socialite in defiance, ignoring the rookies words.

Upon noticing how her rival was paying her no heed, she smugly added, “Unlike you, I got the role based on my merits.

Other than resorting to using dirty tricks and the unspoken rules, what other capabilities do you have to make a name for yourself”

The rookie actress chuckled dryly in response.

“Which director was so blind to pick you as their main lead”


That scathing remark nearly made Lu Jingtian blow a fuse right there and then.

“Well, its fortunate that you underwent plastic surgery during your trip to the States; you give off a whole different presence now.

Gee, imagine what would happen if the audience recognized that youre the protagonist of that scandal several months ago…”


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