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Looking at her fathers sorry state, Yun Shishis eyes started to brim with tears, but she forced herself not to cry as she uttered in a choked up voice, “Dad, dont force yourself to speak if you cant talk.

Take your time to recuperate; Ill be here for you…”

The nurse told her, “Miss Yun, your fathers larynx may have been severely damaged, so its still unsure if he will be able to talk in the future.

Right now, we can only hope for him to recover as best as he can.”

The woman nodded in earnest agreement.

“Dad, you dont have to answer me… Who attacked you that night Was it your enemy, or perhaps was it robbery If it was robbery, you just must move a finger lightly.”

Her fathers breathing hastened for no reason upon hearing what she said, while his eyes turned red and misty sans a warning.

His bloodshot eyes flinched as his brows frowned with some difficulty.

He clenched his teeth slightly and pointed a finger upward with much difficulty…

His thoughts traveled back in time…

He could almost see her childlike face before him, her flushed and wrinkly little face staring at him straight after delivery.

Only heavens could tell the magnitude of elation he had felt then as a first-time father.

He could still remember the sense of happiness and agitation he had felt when he carried that tiny bundle of infant in his arms.

He brought the baby girl to his wifes bed and exclaimed happily, “Wife, its a girl!”

His wife sighed with regret unexpectedly as she muttered with her bare breath, “Didnt the doctor tell us that it would be a boy How did it turn out to be a girl”

The nurse by her side asked smilingly, “When did you try to determine the babys sex”

“We did a scan at four months, and the doctor told us that it would be a boy,” replied Yun Yecheng.

The nurse laughed and said, “Oh, gosh; scans at four months arent reliable.

The accuracy is about eighty percent, but it can be wrong at times.

In any case, the baby girl is adorable.

Most importantly, the mother and child turn out to be well and safe!”

The man agreed eagerly, nodding.

“Thats right! All is well as long as the mother and child remain safe and sound!”

When he learned that his wife was about to give birth, the man rushed home from abroad to welcome his child.

His wife, though, was still grumbling.

“I wanted a boy.

If Id known that it would be a girl, I wouldnt have kept the pregnancy.”

The nurse gave an awkward smile. Isnt this first-time mother too biased on girls

Still, she had met a fair share of such women.

The husband, on the other hand, was rather happy.

“Whats wrong with having a girl I prefer girls; they look sweet and docile.

When our girl grows up, shell be our sweetheart.

How loving!”

The more he looked at the infant, the more he liked her.

Her wrinkly, little face, which was flushing red, hardly resembled the looks of either parent, but the thought that she was his flesh and blood made him jump with joy.

“It doesnt matter whether the child is a boy or a girl.

Im just grateful as long as the mother and child turn out to be well and safe!” The man could not bear to let go of the baby girl in his arms.

“What should we name her” he asked.

“Since we have a girl… why dont we name her as Yun Na She should be a pretty girl when she grows up.”

Yun Na—

He had doted on her since she was born, and he looked forward to each day of her growth.

Her features had begun to resemble his by the time she became a young girl.

This was especially so after she entered junior high school.

She looked all the more like him.

How then did the girl whom he had loved and doted on all along, the girl who had such a sweet and lovely face, turned out to be that hideous creature with a twisted look!


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