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Chapter 18: Small cheap bastard

Father Yun smiled and pinched his pretty pretty nose, said: “Next time, Grandfather will help you assemble it and play!”

When Youyou heard this, his eyes suddenly shine brightly, smiled and nodded.

“who came oh, it is the cheap bastard ah!”

The harsh words suddenly destroyed the warm atmosphere of their moment.

Father Yun’s face turned ugly and looked up, he saw Yun Li Qin wearing pajamas standing near the door of the living room , with crossed arms and looking coldly at Yun Tian You.

He said angrily, “What are you saying He is your grandson!”

You You saw her and could not help but to shrink his shoulder, he suddenly remembers that his mother had warned him not to contradict Yun Li Qin and Sister Yun Na.

You You couldn’t help but pursed his lips, lift his little face and smiled at her, “Grandmother!”

Yun Li Qin looked at him with disdain, saying harsh words : “hey!, I don’t recognize you as my grandson!”

Father Yun cannot help but get furious, a fire burst in his heart and mind, angrily said :”What do you mean”

“You can recognize him if you want, but I can’t! Who would recognize a kid with no father ”

Yun Li Qin coldly glance, she made her voice louder and louder, and who knows if she intentionally or unintentionally face toward the kitchen, and continue her sharp ridicule: “Young, unmarried, have not yet graduated from college but got pregnant just to be a single mother And we even don’t know who’s the child’s father was, we don’t know where his wild species father came from, and even his father didn’t recognize him!”

Yun Yechen’s face look pale but keep listening to Yun Li Qin harsh words: “Moreover, the company went bankrupt because of her, our life became hard for the last few years and she was still unappreciative, no discretion.

 Oh, really shameless! I can’t afford to lose face! I feel my face can’t put it aside.”

In the kitchen, Yun Shishi was listening to the harsh words that came from the living room, her hands are shaking and her face turns pale a few minutes, suddenly turned, wanted to say”you … … enough is enough!”

“Yun Li Qin, have you had enough How can a person’s mouth so poisonous If it’s not because of Shishi, the Yun family … … “Father Yun’s voice screeching halt and did not continue to say it!

Originally the money  they used to pay the debt was from Yun Shishi’s surrogacy .

But they secretly kept it, after all, if this incident spread out Yun Shishi’s reputation will not be good, so Yun Li Qin only knows the debt was paid from selling all their property.

“What Go on, what’s the matter with her”

Yun Li Qin got enraged, turn red grim from grievances, “Well, today do you want to take the side of those two outsiders than your own family! Yun Yechen how can you yell at me! What am I, ah! I’m your wife! when the company fails, I also borrowed a sum of money from my family, and now what, Oh!… Tomorrow let them live here and drove me and Yun Na out from this house!”

Yun Yechen was livid with anger, but his voice is not big, “You, don’t be unreasonable and make me do what what!”

Yun Li Qin shouted, “where was I unreasonable!”

Youyou seeing them fighting, stood up from the sofa and went to Yun Li Qin’s side, his small hand carefully clutched to her clothes, “Grandma, do not be angry with me! You You is not a bastard Oh! You You have Daddy ……”


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