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This person, dressed in all-black, looked ready to melt into the dark night.

Coupled with the pixelated image of the surveillance camera, all they could see was a shadow following the old man, not more than three meters apart, from behind.

The persons actions could be observed as especially cautious.

There was nothing in the persons hands, but when Mu Yazhe froze the image, he noted that the persons pocket was bulging.

It probably contained a bottle of sulfuric acid!

The captain zoomed in the screenshot to twice its original size, but the image regrettably grew fuzzier after he did.

The quality of the image was so bad that they could not even distinguish the characteristics of the clothes, let alone the suspects facial features.

The captain could not help grumbling.

“This quality of the images from the old camera is really terrible!”

The police chief chimed in.

“Why dont we check the other surveillance recordings to see if we can identify the suspect from there”

Another hour went by as they searched through their records.

The strange thing was that they could find any trails of the person on any other surveillance cameras.

There was no footage of them leaving the crime scene as if they had vanished into thin air after the attack.

“If the person is indeed the culprit, then this person must be really scheming! They probably slipped off from an obscure corner to avoid attention after the attack.”

This small neighborhood had many railings that were old and worn out after years of neglect.

Many of these fences were already broken; thus, an adult could flee from the place effortlessly.

“Lets check the surveillance cameras on the streets just outside the neighborhood.

We can use the basic features of the suspect to start our investigation.

Hopefully, we can find more clues along the way.”

Just as the chief finished his sentence, the captain threw him a wet blanket.

“That neighborhood is not far from the industrial estate and mostly surrounded by provincial roads.

Some of the roads dont even have the facility to monitor illegal activities, let alone have security monitoring.

Thats why the area often has reports of theft and robbery, which all add up to dozens of big and small cases each year.

The rent over there is cheap, though, so many factory workers still like to stay there.”

Now, this would be tricky.

It would be difficult to make progress just by knowing the basic characteristics of the suspect.

The shadow could not even lead to a criminal portrait.

On top of that, there were no eyewitnesses.

If this case was to be investigated further, they had to rely on the victims testimony to proceed with the next step.

Should this case be left unsolved

No way.

Although there were no reliable clues as of now, it was still necessary to exert pressure on the authority.

The man did just that; imposing considerable pressure on the police chief, he demanded that the latter produce further clues and results in the next ten days.

Even if the police could not find the suspect, they should at least be able to narrow the scope of investigation.

Of course, there was no way the chief would want to offend this omnipresent man in the capital.

As such, he eagerly nodded and agreed to the terms listed, until eventually being freed of the young man.

The moment Mu Yazhe stepped out of the police station, the chiefs face collapsed, with anger lining his every wrinkle.

Not only did he have to tolerate the young mans insolence, his face had even gone stiff from all the fawning he did.

Looking past his shoulder, he vented his anger on the captain.

“Did you hear that! He gave me ten days! Youd better produce some clues within the next ten days or you can pack up and return to your district station! Youll no longer be welcome here; do you hear me!”

As a superior, he naturally threw the burden of the ultimatum onto his subordinate.


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