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Im just too naïve for my own good!

What else could I have done, though

How on earth have I been living to have become so stupid and cowardly

Even loving someone with all my heart has become a luxury!

The young missy, having been born into such a prestigious household, grew up showered with love all her life.

Like how every rich and famous personality had their social circle, she was surrounded by countless people, who were also born with noble statuses.

Still, she remained to be the most dazzling and brilliant—the envy of many others—among her peers.

However, despite all that glamor, she was utterly envious of the girls who were born into average families, for they had the rights to choose their marriage partners, which was something she did not have.

Find someone with a compatible background…

To hell with that!

Why should love be based on such unfair conditions

‘Xueya, we have your best interests at heart! Its all for your own good!

‘Given your lofty status, its only natural that you ought to find someone worthy of you!

‘Your marriage doesnt only concern you! It concerns us as well since our familys reputation is at stake! We have a say in your marriage, too!

She could almost see the worried faces of everyone in her family before her as their voices echoed endlessly in her head.

Lin Xueya had just walked over to the doorway of the private room when she could no longer hold herself upright.

Her legs gave way and she fell limply onto the ground.

Being the only person left in that spacious room, she uncontrollably broke down into tears and started wailing out aloud.

I really dont want my marriage to only be in name!

Its pointless if it isnt built on love!

All I want is the freedom to love someone of my will and not be forced into accepting such a marriage arrangement.

I want no one but Hua Jin!


The reality just is so cruel!

Curling up in a corner with arms wrapped around her knees, the young lady let out a distressed wail at the thought of her current predicament.

A waiter, who happened to be passing by the private room, curiously pushed the door open and entered the room upon hearing a weird noise coming from within.

He was startled to hear someone crying and turned in the direction of it, only to find an impeccably dressed lady all curled up in a corner with her hands covering her mouth as tears flowed nonstop from her eyes.

He immediately crouched and tried to help her up, but his hands were slapped away when he did so.

“Dont touch me! Woo woo woo… Go away… Go away! No ones allowed to touch me…”

“Are you okay, miss Are you hurt in any way”

“Get lost…” She continued to wail.

“Dont I even have the right to cry!”

The waiter stood there, rooted in place, feeling awkward.

Since there was nothing he could do about this situation, he could only call his manager for help to resolve this matter.

Now, that was a story for another day.

Mu Yancheng did not return home right away after leaving the hotel.

Being in a foul mood right now, he decided against going over to Meng Qingxues place after much consideration, for he did not want to face her glum-looking face.

The thought of it alone was enough to wear him out.

Forget it!

I shall go drown my sorrows!

The Kings Bar.

Opened by a scion from the upper-class society, this bar was frequented by many young masters and mistresses of the rich and famous families.

Likewise, Mu Yancheng often visited this place to have a drink or two.

He would come here and order several bottles of alcohol whenever he was feeling down.

He would sit alone at a corner and quietly enjoy his drink, washing his frustration away with hard liquor and the deafening music playing in the background.

This was probably the easiest and most direct way he could think of to elevate his mood.


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