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Chapter 165: His method

Gu Xingze curves his lips into a smile and tightly grabbed his hair.

He dragged him all the way out of the bed, then pulled his head up high.

He Lingxiang’s scalp was violently got pulled, so his eyes couldn’t help but get teary from pain.

Before, he had secretly laugh at Gu Xingze because he looks like a toy boy for having such a small handsome face.

But, he didn’t expect that his hand would be this strong!


He Lingxiang’s footsteps were kept staggering.

But, Gu Xingze completely ignored his troubled voice and slammed his head on the wall!

At that moment, He Lingxiang no longer understands what happened.

He could only remember that his hair got pulled and he felt so much from his scalp and then his tears started flowing.

“Ah … save me, help me ah … …” He Lingxiang’s face was forcefully pressed on the wall, so he could only utter a little while crying.

However, Gu Xingze ignored his pain and just tightly grab his hair and slammed his head into the wall again!

He Lingxiang still doesn’t understand what is happening and why is his face was forcefully pressed on the wall!


Gu Xingze didn’t restrain his strength when he slammed He Lingxiang’s head.

So right now, blood started gushing on He Lingxiang’s forehead up to his cheek!

He Lingxiang’s knees got soft and felt his sticky blood started flowing and almost covered half of his cheek.

Then, he realized that the pain he felt was actually because he is under Gu Xingze’s ruthless hand!

However, He Lingxiang got confused! Did he actually fell on his ruthless hand

But, because he felt a strong force on the back of his head.

He Lingxiang’s body suddenly got scared and his soul almost fly away!


He Lingxiang got slammed again on the wall, but this time, his nose was the one got hit.

And now, his vision started spinning and it seems he could see the stars.

His face looks so pale and it seems he got choked from his tooth.

And after a few more seconds, his brain went to shocked.

The delicate and arrogant appearance earlier was now totally got vanished.

Through his thin red blood line of sight, he could see that Gu Xingze is coldly staring at him.

Then, his lips slightly curve into a smile and ask with his creepy sounded voice:”What did you say earlier”

He Lingxiang took a deep a breath, but now he really doesn’t know what to say.

He was so scared, so his tongue got frozen stiff and couldn’t utter a word as if he was mute.

His lips were shaking while looking back at him and doesn’t know what to do.f

On the side, all the rich investors were also so shocked and got stunned.

In their eyes, Gu Xingze is only a popular superstar and is just an actor.

And they are the golden masters that can decide their fate.

But, he was so bold and even refute He Lingxiang in front of their face.

“Gu Xingze, how dare you! Do you think I couldn’t send you out from here!” One of the rich investors said and pointed his finger on Gu Xingze.

“Oh You will send me out”

Then, Gu Xingze sneer: “Then, let’s wait and see!”

After saying that, his cold eyes swept again to He Lingxiang.

Then, he lowers his shoulder a bit and beat his lower abdomen with his knees vigorously.

“Ah —” He Lingxiang bitterly cry out, after his head got knocked down on the ground.

At that moment, his pale face did not only get even paler but also felt very dizzy.

His head was in so much pain, so he cried so heavy!

“Woo … save me… help me …”

He Lingxiang’s face looks so ugly and pitiful.

But, Gu Xingze only looks at him with his emotionless face and even put his foot on top of his face.

Then coldly said: “Shut up!”

It was only a short word, but He Lingxiang immediately stops crying from pain and even let the dust on his shoe sticks on his face from so much fear.


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