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The young missy hemmed and hawed, feeling too shy to speak her mind.

“Whats wrong” Jiang Qimeng looked at her in shock.

“Have you not straightened out your thoughts at all or are you reluctant to do so!”

Her daughter remained mum, though.

She patiently coaxed, “Look at how that woman bullied you and trampled you under her feet! Shes obviously waiting to see you become a laughingstock! Do you want to become the butt of jokes!”

She paused for a beat before continuing.

“As your mother, I have your best interests at heart and hope to see you lead a good life! Marrying Mu Yancheng is a wise choice.

Even though he hasnt become the family head yet, his uncle has the intention to support him in succeeding in that position! Do you know that his uncle is currently trying to matchmake him You should know that Mu Linfeng is one of the leading members of that family! What do you think it means if someone like him is personally playing matchmaker for his nephew It means that he holds his nephew in high regard and wishes to groom him to become the successor; thats why hes going all out to support him! If you can end up with Mu Yancheng, our family will lend him a helping hand, then that chap becoming the family head will only be a matter of time! Youll become the glorious Young Madam Mu then! Who will dare to look down on you Yun Shishi, on the other hand, can only blame herself for betting on the wrong person as her husband abdicated his position and became penniless because of her! What good life can she possibly have with him Itll be her turn to look up enviously at you when you marry into the Mu family! You can trample her any way you want by then!”

Song Enyas heart stirred upon hearing those words.


Love was something of the past to her now in any case.

She no longer thought or yearned for it, so she might as well take her chances and cling tightly onto Mu Yancheng, instead.

Her mother let out another heavy sigh.

“Now that youve grown up, let me give you a piece of advice: We, females, should take ourselves as top priorities and find men who love us! My cousin is a stubborn man who has always acted according to his wishes once his mind is set on what he wants! I admit that hes indeed outstanding, but what have you gotten from chasing after him Men dont value women who throw themselves at them no matter how good they are! Its fine even if you and Yancheng didnt start with love, for you two can still nurture your relationship in the days to come! Love is nothing but a pastime.

Now that youve let go of your feelings for your uncle, you should start to plan for your future! After all, what if you were with him now Your besties from the upper society will only look down on you for being with a powerless man! Things will be different with Mu Yancheng, though! Others will only be envious and jealous of you once you become his wife! Think for yourself; do you want to be the one who gets looked down upon or the one being envied Its all up to you! No need to feel indignant, for theres no reason you should feel that way! In fact, you should consider yourself lucky for coming to your senses in the nick of time and no longer obsessing over Mu Yazhe! You shouldnt harbor any lingering feelings for him now that youve seen through his true nature!”

“But…” she said with difficulty, “what should I say”

“Say what”

Biting her lower lip, she cried, “You cant possibly expect me to throw myself at him and tell him that Im expecting his child!”


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