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As people walked by, they left behind trails of footprints of varying depths in the snow.

The villas and bungalows on Xiangti Walk were designed to look like castles, which brought about a fairy-tale feeling to the place after it snowed!

The older twin pointed at the windows excitedly and squealed in delight, “Wow! Its snowing! Its snowing! We can play snowball fight later!”

While Youyou was pretending to be aloof as he buried his head and dug into his meal, his brother suddenly tugged on his sleeve and excitedly suggested, “Lil bro, lets go play in the snow!”

“Hmph! I dont wanna play such a childish game with you!” he arrogantly answered.

However, despite him refusing in disdain, he ate his meal a lot quicker than before.

Only God knew how much he was looking forward to it!

He was never allowed to go out and play in the snow during winter in the past.

Due to him having a frail body, his mother was afraid that he would catch a cold while playing in the snow, for it would take him no shorter than a fortnight to be nursed back to his health should that happen.

Plus, it was no fun to play in the snow alone.

Nevertheless, he would still get excited whenever it snowed!

The boy would, therefore, sneak outside without his mothers knowledge.

He was contented even if he could only build a tiny snowman at a hidden corner.

After the reunion lunch, the twins pestered their uncle to go outside and build a snowman with them.

On top of that, the younger boy even insisted on dragging their father along to have a snowball fight with them.

Mu Yazhe silently eyed his children who looked up at him pleadingly.

Who said that they did not want to play such a childish game earlier again!

Upon sensing his fathers judging yet teasing look at him, Youyou, who had just put on his gloves and hat, turned red from embarrassment, loudly cleared his throat, and spouted an excuse while feigning nonchalance.

“Well, my older brother wants to have a snowball fight! Im just accompanying him!”

This seemingly perfect excuse, however, drew him looks of disdain from his uncle and brother.

The older twin said in disdain, “I can see that you really want to have a snowball fight, too! Just say it if thats what you want.

Why must you say that youre just accompanying me”

His face burned redder as he snapped back, “Shut up! Who said that Im keen to play Didnt you keep pestering me to join you in a snowball fight Im only accompanying you!”

“What a pompous excuse!” retorted Little Yichen with a surprisingly difficult word.

“Its clear that you wanna play, too!”

“Who said so! Im just accompanying you!”

“You wanna play, too!”

Just like that, the two lads held the hands of their uncle and father and went out to play in the snow while bickering.

Yun Shishi could not help feeling worried, though it was not for her children who had self-restraint but for her husband and her brother, instead!

The snowball fight wont turn into a bloody battle, will it!

She involuntarily stifled a shudder at the thought of that.

Meanwhile, the Yun brothers were somewhat inebriated.

After helping these elderly men upstairs to rest in the guest room on the second floor, she came back down only to find her aunt waiting at the end of the stairwell.

From the desperate look on her face, she seemed to have something to say to her.

“Do you have something to tell me, aunt”

“Niece, its like this…”

Xiang Yu approached her smilingly and chatted for a bit politely before revealing her thoughts eventually.

“Its not that Im so petty to deny your children of their red packets, but I just cant afford to give them one this year! Im really sorry about that, but I must make things clear to you.

Weve got a lot of expenses, so Im really short on money!”


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