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Chapter 158: Surrender


“But, what if you got banned in the company What will you do”

His voice sounds like a mellow red wine and can also easily drunk a person.

So, Yun Shishi got frightened and the color in her face change: “You… …”

Mu Yazhe then added: “Universal Entertainment Company is under the name of Emperor Sheng Foundation.

So, if I want to ban a person, what do you think will they do”

What will they do

Of course, if he wants to ban her, they will completely ban her.

After all, he is the President of Emperor Sheng Foundation, so if he will command them to banned her no one would dare to oppose him.

“Despicable … …” Yun Shishi said while gritting her teeth and staring at him with her reddish and swollen eyes.

However, Mu Yazhe only stretch out his hand and gently pulled her chin forcing her to look at his eyes.

“So now, do you know what you do”

This man is simply a tyrant! He felt like he is always above everyone else so he could just coldly command the.

He asks her if she knows what to do, but everything just went according to his plans.

Yun Shishi secretly gritted her teeth.

But to be honest, this man in front of him has an extraordinary handsome face and his very proud temperament made him look like a god that doesn’t have any flaws.

So no woman would definitely refuse him.

But still, what is wrong with him Why did he ask her to become his woman What is his real purpose Is it because of her body Or it is just purely a conquest

Although this is not their first intimate contact, but still she couldn’t force herself to become his secret lover.

After all, she doesn’t want to please a man that she doesn’t love!

He wanted her, but she doesn’t want him.

So, basically, she is not that kind of woman!

But, what if she become like those other women ah

Will he get tired of her

The deep silence almost made the room freeze.

But suddenly, Yun Shishi’s eyes turn so cold as if she lost her soul.

Then said with her empty looking eyes: “What exactly do you want me to do”

Yun Shishi acted like she completely surrenders to him.

Mu Yazhe calmly said: “Pleased me.”

At that moment, Yun Shishi’s eyes suddenly show that she got panic.

But soon she bites her lips to calm down herself. Yun Shishi slowly stretch out her arms while sitting on top of his legs.

She slowly put her stiff arms around his shoulder and then slowly caresses his emotionless face… …

However, Mu Yazhe only stood still and lean on the sofa while looking at her helplessly.

Yun Shishi doesn’t know that this is the first time that he let a woman stay so close to him.

In the eyes of everyone, he is so proud and unattainable.

However, there were still millions of flowers (women) that want to stay with him.

So, why wouldn’t those flowers dare to touch his body

But, he is not like those rich men that enjoy playing with fierce and dandy women.

No one would believe anyway that his feelings are almost blank for the world.

However, even if someone poured a thousand pale of water on him.

He could say that Yun Shishi is his very first and only woman.

After all, he has a serious disgust to unclean women or has thick makeup like Hanyu Yan and deliberately offering their self.

But, Yun Shishi is very different to other women.

And now that her half faded white dress and slightly slipped straps revealed her white and rounded smooth shoulder.

He’s afraid that even the dark shadow of the moon won’t be able to overshadow the darkness in his eyes!


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